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Enblood- Cast To Exile

Enblood released a killer debut album last year “Cast To Exile” and have only known about this great technical death metal band since the end of 2018.  The band is from Portugal, and should be no shock as there is an absolute obnoxious plethora of hispanic bands who create quality metal.  Guitarist and Vocalist Cesar initially attracted me to this band, as his guttural is stellar as ever and the guitar solos are from another world.  Enblood has a pretty wild and entertaining sound, but not necessarily TOO over the top to discourage the non-tech crowd…….kinda like Obscura.  Oh, did I mention the legendary Obscura? THEY GOT THEIR BASSIST LINUS TO HAVE A GUEST LEAD IN THE TITLE TRACK! You can check out that song below while you ready my stupid review! That should convince you on the quality of Enblood’s music…..I hope.

Ceasar and Joao are just a wild, wild duo on guitar both shred wise and their techy melodic riffs. This band is SO overlooked it’s not even funny! Linus’ bass lead between their guitar solos IS SO TASTEFUL! 


César Moreira – Vocals/Guitars
João Miguel – Guitars
Nuno Cruz – Bass
Daniel Torgal – Drums

Now for some love for their stupid talented rhythm section.  Cruz’s bass playing absolutely shines on “Cast To Exile”.  His sweet tasteful fills compliment the band’s compositions, and fits Torgal’s drum attack perfectly.  Daniel provides a killer backbone on drums who has some serious work on the record……listening to his parts almost makes you feel tired! The constant switching of tempos has to be insanely exhausting.  Enblood is a well oiled machine ready to make a stellar name in the metal community and turn heads.  They have my support 100% percent, and are already working on a follow up to this beastly record! I am super excited for the guys, and extremely interested in their second album.  Pay attention to them on social media so you know when they drop new music! I don’t know when, but they’re at least writing.

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