Brutal Death Metal

Let’s give Dying Fetus the respect they’ve long deserved.


Do I try to pay attention to band politics? NO! It hurts sometimes when you meet your heroes, or even know the truth about them! Pretty common known (longevity wise, as all tech heads wish Necrophagist and Spawn Of Possession lasted much longer) Obscura and Beyond Creation are 2 of my self proclaimed “Tech Big Four” and I heavily believe Dying Fetus is part of that elite group as the third band (Maybe Gorod could be the other band? Who the heck knows, but I know for a fact these 3 bands are super influential to the genre).  Yeah, they had a rise to popularity because of their wild music but let me type way too much about this great band.  Maybe my boy John Gallagher is a tough dude to work with? Either way he has been in the band since its birth on 1991, and we all know (or SHOULD) their treacherous and deserving road to extreme metal insanity.  DF was on a few independent labels until they landed on the mighty Relapse Records (Mastodon got solid help from them, as well).  These guys are like the Metallica of Tech and Extreme Metal but a million times more talented and less commercialish.  Let’s be honest, technical metal isn’t commercially promotable like the standard genre Metal (ironically metal isn’t commercial, but other subgenres are pushed more than others lets be honest with ourselves here) itself.  Bands with a classic metal style have a better chance of being pushed heavier, because the public doesn’t take to guttural and pig squeal vocals that well…….fucking pussies.  That makes you love bands like DF that much more!


Here’s one of my favorites from one of their last albums…..NOT as tech, but you can’t deny that sexy groove man. SO TASTY.

John Gallagher’s guitar work is absolutely mind blowing.  And his guttural has become a death metal standard many have been inspired by (and may have been imitated) but there is only one of the death metal legend! Just like another death metal favorite of mine Decapitated, he’s the only surviving member of it’s original lineup just like Vogg in Decapitated.  It can’t be easy by any means, and can’t imagine all the downs you have to deal with such a rotating lineup.  Just go to the internet and check out how many drummers they’ve gone through in their history….there’s more than a handful, including their current drummer.



Another Dying Fetus classic from when they were a 4 piece as newcomers on their record label home Relapse Records.  Absolutely stellar stuff.

Now let me shed some light on another killer factor in this legendary band….Sean fuckin’ Beasley.  His mid and higher range growls absolutely are very fundamental to the sound of the band, as it totally contradicts John’s low gutturals.  It’s a great change in pace based on what type of growl you prefer…..the chemistry between the two is absolutely insane vocally, let alone songwriting wise.

Another Fetus anthem from “Descend Into Depravity”.  SEAN SWEEP PICKS ON A BASS THAT SHIT MUST HURT! Oh yeah, and he also uses a pick…..which is frowned upon by bassists….but you can’t deny how talented Beasley is, just WOW. I kinda think he’s the one that shines the most in this song, to be honest.

I was driving around the other day with these cats on the stereo, and was thinking of what to say that may have already been said about this perfect band.  John’s wild chromatic picking, sweep picking and tapping is just a serious treat as proved by the previous track “Your Treachery Will Die With You”.  And no, fuck your stereotypes! These guys not only get real political, but talk about the scum of society as well! A DEATH METAL BAND PROMOTING A BETTER BEING NO WAY! Yup. Fetus may have gained lots of attention from their band name as it was chosen on purpose when the band started out to offend people.  But they DO touch on subjects that aren’t positive, insulting them and downplaying the negatives in society and politics.  Basically, their lyrics are consistent of ripping on whats wrong with the world.



One of many favorites from the 2017 release “Wrong One To Fuck With”.  I mean come on, that introduction I can’t even dream of playing on guitar! 

Let me shed some light on possibly one of the best albums of the 2010’s, “Wrong One To Fuck With”.  Yeah the cover is nasty but the music is even nastier! The band’s technical supremacy can’t be ignored, and long time (PHEW!) drummer Trey Williams really struts his stuff on “Fixated On Devastation”.  Dying Fetus has always been a demanding band for drummers no matter who they’ve had on the throne, but WOTFW took it to another level with just as many tempo changes.  You can send all your Machine Head, Avenged Sevenfold and more popular metal releases my way but I’ll always throw DF in your face for the 10 (11 tracks if you have the bonus version like moi 😉 )  track opus that IS Wrong One To Fuck With.  Listen to the record with an open mind, and let it take you away from normal boring metal.


The Picasso of death metal.  Doesn’t that wildness rival Cannibal Corpse? Yup….fight me.  DF is on the same level of importance in extreme metal along with bands like Death, Suffocation and Obituary!

If you’ve been looking for something different to try in metal, and are somehow unaware of the treacherous technical trio go ahead and give my boys a shot.  These guys have EARNED their way relentlessly playing shows and promoting themselves before getting on Relapse.  TMR loves DF, and they’re also coming to Buffalo February 24th with Inertia opening up for these legends (WELL DESERVED for our buffalo boys Inertia \m/).  Check out a few other Fetus faves of mine, and their 3 date NY run which ALSO includes a stop in Rochester! I’ll be there for the Buffalo show, and you should too if you can make it.  Or Rochester, if that’s closer for you.  Stay Tech and Brutal followers!








John Gallagher – Guitar,Vocals
Sean Beasley – Bass,Vocals
Trey Williams – Drums

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