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Inertia- Teratoma




Happy Thanksgiving loyal web creepers! Buffalo’s fine tech death/prog/experimental trio INERTIA has released a fucking monstrous full length that isn’t Weaponex. Both bands have released my two favorite offerings this year from Buffalo bands and shit is it a treat.  Let’s dive balls deep into this wild album, shall we?


Steve Mcintosh- Vocals

Kahlil Sarikey- Guitars/Bass

Doug Griffith Jr.- Drums

I’ve heard their originals, and never saw the band live until I saw them at the GAWD (Greatness And World Domination) CD release show at the Rockin’ Buffalo.  Holy fuck did they leave a lasting impression.  What I love the most about “Teratoma” is how far they’ve progressed as a band, branching out to realms outside of obnoxious riffs and technical death metal.  There’s a ton of clean sections this time around, and Kahlil’s work can not be understated here.  The guy has some of the prettiest melodic chord progressions, and then sweeps all day like its his job.  I can’t get over how clean he plays, it was a damn treat to see it live at the Rockin’ Buffalo.  As a fellow guitarist, I salute you brother!

Inertia is our local Between the Buried and Me/Contortionist mashup.  I really dig these guys because there’s so much watered down music here, and truthfully in any local music scene and they are far from that.  Inertia defies “another metal band” or “another rock band”.  Their music really shows how hard the trio works at composing their music, and transitioning from track to track.


I’m not the biggest fan of modern metal, but the breakdowns that Inertia throws in are tasteful and totally not focused on them….you know those cool “GET YOUR FUCKING ASS UP ITS THE BREAKDOWN” annoying brocore kids, that annoying shit.  What Inertia is doing is tasteful….and ART.  You can hear all of modern prog metal and a laid back 70’s prog or classic rock all in one track.  Inertia WILL and give you one hell of a musical ride and shit you won’t want to jump off once you’re on.

Griffith’s drumming demands your attention. I loved how wild this guy gets, and then can dial it back playing tasteful fills in their clean jazzy sections. Steve’s wide vocal range is awfully impressive with some real low gutturals and higher shrieks that fits his band’s sound to a tee.  It’s amazing a band of this artistic caliber isn’t known enough around their own area, and hope everyone outside of Buffalo checks out these guys. It wouldn’t be too far fetched to say they could open for BTBAM and The Contortionist on a tour. Yeah, I think these guys are that damn good.  Bands like Inertia are refreshing to someone like me looking for weirder music, and something out of the norm.

Inertia IS hosting a release show in support of “Teratoma” at the Mohawk Place in good ‘ol downtown Buffalo.  $5, $8 day of….come on what reason DO YOU POSSIBLY have to pass up this show? I hope it goes well for the guys, I know I’m gonna make it one way or another.  GO!  It’s November 30th starting around 7pm, featuring ISHKABIBBLE (another local favorite of mine, bassist and drummer instrumental duo they’re wild), Grizzly Run and Allegiant.



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