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Darkest Horizon- Aenigmata



Darkest Horizon is a Melodic Epic Death Metal band out of Germany that really caught my ears.  “Aenigmata” was recently unleashed upon our unworthy world on October 6th.  They recently were billed with Wintersun on their European “By Request” tour and can’t complain all being a Wintersun fan.  The guys have a solid melodic vibe, mixed in with some great growls and singing that keep you going craving more.  There’s plenty of speed, and also some groove to go with that speed.  Darkest Horizon is quite a varied band that is a good change in pace for a guy like me that likes the weird prog sub genres and tech death explosion of recent years.



Aurelius Lie (Vocals)
Olli Sattler (Guitars)
Daniel Baum (Guitars)
Christian Mühlbauer (Keys)
Jonas Heinzel (Bass)
Vincent Haas (Drums)

Aurelius Lie has a great voice…..his growl is also a bit lower, think Johan Hegg (Amon Amarth) heavy.  It’s very distinct and fits his band to a tee.  The guitar tandem of Olli Sattler and Daniel Baum is absolutely majestic with their melodic leads and duals that masterfully inserted in “Aenigmata”.  The band’s music makes you want to go into the forest and explore its dark and wintery landscape.  Darkest Horizon is a very great band that not enough people know about and am pleasantly surprised I do now.  The album is available on many digital and streaming platforms.  There are also physical copies currently available of “Aenigmata” and their previous releases as well. They do have an upcoming show on December 22nd in Germany called the “New Year Apocalypse”.  If you can make it, go to it!


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