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SomewhereOut- Eternity, Infinity



SomewhereOut is a psychedelic progressive rock project by Raul who had guest vocalists on his 5 song EP.  It was released earlier this month on November 2nd. It is kind of metal and djent at points.  It was a fun listen for me because it’s good to hear the emotional side of the genre, and not the tech side.  It has some musical nods in the melodies to classic 1970’s prog artists, and modern day ones as well.  What I liked a lot about it is his guitar was very refreshing….there’s lots of chords and not so many power chords or chugging, if that makes sense for the non musicians.  It’s okay to use full chords and use all the strings on your guitar!  The keyboard/synth is fucking sweet too.  It isn’t Dream Theater or Haken crazy, but it’s done very tastefully.


For a debut EP,  I would definitely recommend this guy’s work to everyone who’s into the older part of the progressive genre than the new wave of bands melting extreme metal and extended range guitars.  It’s very tasteful, as proven by the many solid melodies on both the music and vocalists.  “Eternity, Infinity” is a melancholic EP which is expected in the prog genres (not Steven Wilson depressing incase you needed a measurement).  It doesn’t seem like there’s shows planned or a band in place per say, but I would sure as hell keep an eye on the project for new releases going forward.


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