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Evilness- New Perspectives, No Evolution


French Melodic Thrash/Death Metal band Evilness released their first full length album “New Perspectives, No Evolution” earlier this year in June.  The guys somehow managed to snag Eric Forrest (E-force, Ex Voivod) to make a guest appearance on the track “Amok”.  It’s an energetic and occasional technical release with lots of great melody.  Evilness is damn impressive for a three man band.  They went 5 years between this new release and their debut EP “Unreachable Clarity”.  I think it’s safe to say it was worth the wait.


Ludo- Vocals
Seb- Guitars
Romain- Drums
It’s kinda proggy (borderline Voivod like, dare I say) occasionally in some of their songs, but for the most part they’re relentless as fuck and in your face most of the time.  The whole band in general really impresses me….Ludo’s voice is very raw and passionate that constantly resonates every single song.  Seb’s guitar work is so smooth and fluid from song to song and Romain’s drumming absolutely keeps Evilness in line adding lots of backbone to a very heavy band.
As stated in the picture above, you can get it digitally in the above stores and stream it as well.  Physical copies are not far behind through their website as well.  You can check out the album below as their record label recently posted a full album stream of “New Perspectives, No Evolution”.  I hope everyone enjoys this heavy ass offering as much as I did! Evilness fucking shreds!

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