Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 2-7-19

Hey guys! We are starting our own weekly column tentatively titled “Try Something New Thursday” where we focus on more than one band, and suggest up to 10 bands for everyone to check out…..based on the genres we promote.  This is our first installment, so we hope everyone who reads the article checks out some killer music! If you want to stream or premiere new music on this segment, you can always email us! Now onto some sweet tunes!


Here’s some wild instrumental technical death metal….some serious Brain Drill/Spawn Of Possession vibes here.  Amazing guitar work and groove for days! Check it out!


This tasty as hell instrumental progressive band will leave you craving for a lot more! If you dig instrumental bands with that djenty Animals as Leaders Vibe, you’ll love Incipience. They’re working on new music as we type, so we are super excited for that.  Check out their track “Bloom” right below!



What kinda site would we be if we don’t have SOME kind of local plug? Our boys Inertia are a modern progressive metal band with those BTBAM and Contortionist vibes that we absolutely swooned over.  Buffalo puts out so much music of the same genres, it’s good to see more progressive and instrumental (we’ll touch on some in the coming weeks, don’t you worry) genres.  This technical band will kick your ass into next year! But don’t worry, there’s still some pretty flavorful parts between their wild guitar work and rhythms. Check out “Teratoma” below and see why we can’t stop playing it!



To our brothers an hour away from Buffalo, Rochester melodic death metallers Halothane released an absolutely FANTASTIC record last year titled “A False Reality”.  With some recent social media activity, it looks like the lads are already working up on a follow up album! If you’re into any melodic death metal with some sprinkles of progressive death metal check out Halothane! Here’s “A False Reality” to feast your ears upon!



Okay guys, time for something jazzy.  One of my favorite modern jazz guitarists Gilad Hekselman absolutely tears it up on guitar.  He released another spectacular record last year titled “Ask For Chaos”.  Check out one of the songs from his latest album “V Blues” below, and go check out the rest of his albums!



Technical/Progressive Death Metal nutjobs Fields Of Elysium absolutely blew us away last summer on their tour with The Last Of Lucy and Inanimate Existence.  These guys have enough talent in their palms than 100 bands combined! Their wild and complex rhythms, killer guitar and bass work, and wild drummer make up a brutal and technical adventure! There’s also some random funky sections that add to an already flavorful sound, so fasten your seatbelts! Check out their music right below!


Technical/Symphonic/Melodic Death Metal Chileans Bleak Flesh are working on a new album, and my friend Matias who plays guitar in this wild band constantly updates me on their recording process and I happily oblige! These guys got a hold of us when we started this site to promote their song “Spectral Path” and have been hooked ever since….they add more than technicality to the game, and their new songs are shaping up to be the coolest and most unique music they’ve composed to the day. They have a full length and an EP to date along with this single. Listen to their latest single released last year “The Curse Of Sight”! And be sure to keep an eye out when they drop pre orders and are done working on their new album I guarantee it’ll be a fantastic album!


This technical/progressive death metal band brings the pain and technicality to the nth degree! The band grooves really hard, so anyone who is turned off by overdone technical  music will dig these guys.  Cerebrum has that fine line between it all, and really dig this band. Check out their latest album “Iridium” below!


Thanks for tuning into our first edition of “Try Something New Thursday” and hope to see you back next Thursday for more tunes!

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