Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 2-28-19

Hey online people we’re back with another edition of Try Something New Thursday! Let’s see what you think of this week’s batch of bands in comparison to article 12,and 3.  Have at it!


Maybe these guys are new for some of you, maybe they’re not…..but for myself they are.  Vick and I went to their show at Buffalo Iron Works on the 23rd, after hearing one song! Gosh darnit, are they ever insane.  They’re a 3 piece experimental instrumental band with a huge Eastern European and Middle Eastern influence in their sound…..on top of it all.  They’re so unique and so golden, you won’t get many similar bands to them at all.  The melodies, dual harmonies, sweet rhythms and blistering leads will just knock you on your arse! This New York City trio is beyond talented, if there’s really a word for that…..perfect? Maybe? They ironically have an album released today the 28th titled “You Are Literally A Metaphor”! Enough blabbering and boring you all, listen to this awesome band right now!


These cats are changing the tech-death game, kinda like how Beneath The Massacre did not too long ago (it really doesn’t feel like its been that long!).  Freshly signed to Unique Leader Records, these guys will be releasing their upcoming album “Enigmatic Infection” on March 29th! If you love that wildly heavy, brutal, technical and concise sound you’ll dig ATI.  Check out the single “Trenchrot” from their upcoming album, and dig into their previous records while you’re at it.


While we’re temporarily on the topic of technical death metal, let me remind y’all about a band I promoted within the first few weeks of the year.  These Canadian shredders have that Revocation tech influence to their game, but a bit different vocally and rhythmically.  Their EP “Parasitic Spawn” is their debut, and is well awfully impressive.  They’re new, so they need all the support they can get… their EP, spread the word, and mention these guys everywhere to play shows.  If you live in Canada, go check them out at a gig they’ll blow your minds! Listen to “Parasitic Spawn” below, and tell me how you CAN’T love it!


Here’s one for the jazz, prog and fusion nerds.  If you haven’t heard of this legend, well I highly suggest you listen to this man’s enormous amount of music.  His clean, concise and beautifully melodic guitar playing will blow your mind.  His phrasing and emotion is absolutely impeccable, and there’s a reason why he’s been around for so long……He released a great record last year “Salve” that I only knew of a few weeks ago! So much music goes under the radar and is borderline impossible to keep track of.  Keep Gambale in your musical crosshairs, and check out something from the latest album and a great live rendition of another track below.




One of my favorite brutal death metal finds of the last few years are these guys for sure.  Their vicious, relentless slams will keep you coming back for more of their disgusting style of death metal. Vocalist Alex Paul’s voice just gets nastier and nastier.  Their debut “Domain Of The Wretched” was re-released on Unique Leader Records, and the guys have reported there’s a follow up in the works….I forgot where they’re at.  It’s really, really ridiculous stuff.  Listen to the full length below while we await more brutal tunes from Organectomy! Slam away!


Time for some local love! Buffalo’s Dan Sciolino is a musical freak of nature and plays a multitude of different instruments such as drums and keyboards…..and also has recently dabbled into guitar, singing and some production! It’s an honor to call a quality musician and even better human being a friend of mine.  This guy’s art is one of a kind, he isn’t out to be someone else…..if you like a melodic, heavily layered progressive metal sound Dan’s project will light your soul on fire. He’s always working on new music, but has been working on new FIT tunes that will be equally as impressive as his debut “States Of Disconnection”.   Listen to that awesome album below, and within the next month or two we might get even MORE music! Hope you enjoy this wild album!

Here’s the local guest musicians he had on the album:

Dan Sciolino – Keyboards, Drums, Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
David Dickinson – Vocals
Andrew Huefner – Bass Guitar (World, States)
James Jagow – Guitar (Lead Trial and States, all Honor)
Jeremy Schroeder – Guitar (All except Honor)
Dave Scibilia – Guitar (Waves)
Amanda Terragnoli – Vocals (Trial)


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