Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 2-14-19

Hello people! We’re back with more bands and more wacky fun with our second edition of “Try Something New Thursday” on this Valentines Day Edition! We have some sweet stuff lined up for you all today enjoy! We have more progressive and instrumental bands this time around, but don’t worry there’s a few banging death metal bands for you extreme metal lovers to check out.  You can check out the other bands from our previous installment right here.


This newer death metal band really grooves hard…..and they just released their first music video.  Their upcoming EP “Etemenanki” is their second so far, and have a lot of potential.  Their vocalist is awesome, some great groovy guitar riffs and handsome rhythms backed up by the rhythm section.  I love their latest song “Malum”.  Check out the track and their first EP while you wait for “Etemenanki”!



This death metal band adds a little technicality to their sound and still hit hit heavily.  The Icelandic band has crafted a spectacular sound and really peaked our interest to say the least.  Great vocals, guitar work, and the ever changing rhythms fuel the attack of Cult Of Lilith.  Try this band for size if you want something awesome!


Turning Virtue is one of Buffalo’s best hidden gems not enough people know about.  The long time progressive rock band released a spectacular album a few years ago “A Temporary Human Experience” and are currently working on a follow up album as they’ve been promoting the heck out of their last release.  Their frontman Davey K also recorded a solo acoustic album and is releasing the EP shortly, you can check out a track from that upcoming acoustic effort here.  The band disbanded in the 90’s at one point, and came back with ATHE with fresh material and a new vision.




Fire Garden is a progressive rock/art/metal band by Zee Baig out of Chicago.  The band has put out an EP “Prelude Of Colors” and LP “Sound Of Majestic Colors” before unleashing their groundbreaking album “Far And Near” in 2016.  I had the privilege of checking out Fire Garden a few years ago when they came around to Niagara Falls at the Evening Star with Tiles and the previous band Turning Virtue.  Zee is a pretty stellar guitarist, and also recorded vocals on “Far And Near”.  The latest full length really cemented the band in today’s progressive scene and Zee has been tirelessly working on new music.  We’re pretty excited for the follow up, maybe 2019 brings a new single from the upcoming album? Let’s wait and see. He had a cast of guest appearances featuring Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) on keyboards for “Life of a Drifter”, Jimmy Keegan of Spock’s Beard performing all the drums on the album, Bruce Soord (Pineapple Thief) mixing the album and the artwork completed by the legendary Travis Smith.  You know it’s a solid album if this stellar group of artists decide to stamp their name on this record. In the meantime, blast “Far And Near” right below.


Dave has been following this progressive metal band since their EP “Part 1: The Book Of Dr. Breacher”.  This band combines progressive elements with rock, sporadic jazz sections and is awfully tight.  The guys released a single recently “Oni-Chan!” an obvious tribute to anime the moment you see the single photograph.  Others By No One really went even further outside the box adding some growls and blast beats to their expansive and wacky sound.  What really is awesome about this newer band is their spontaneity and unpredictable nature if you’re not familiar with them.  The guitar work, drums and bass are so versatile it’s mind blowing.  The vocals are so cool consisting of a wide range. Others By No One has found a great sound. The band has put together great music that should be reached to broader audiences.  Check out “Oni-Chan!” below!


Here’s some smashing instrumental progressive extreme metal done all by one man…Patrick.  The debut album “Five Suns” is a 7 track trip through insanity that any prog fan of the extreme realms will definitely enjoy if you’re into the instrumental world.  It’s a damn fine piece of music, with a classic blackened touch to his music on top of it all.  He is working on new music last time I knew in November of 2018, but you can listen to the debut right below.  Enjoy metalheads!


This instrumental prog metal/gypsy jazz studio project grabbed Dave’s attention with the debut EP “Candle Cove”.  The wild guitar melodies, riffs, and djenty breaks make for a seriously fun time traveling through the world of Echopraxia. The band also released a Halloween themed EP titled “Pumpkin Palace” in 2017, which was pretty creepy. Are there any more offerings in the works? We don’t know. But it’s a great project for guitar nerds, Meshuggah and djentlemen.  Check out the band’s music right below! Don’t be a bitch and buy the music.


Denis Shvarts is the mastermind behind his technical/progressive death metal instrumental band Dark Matter Secret…..and so is his wildly talented bassist Pavel Semin who also plays in the vastly talented tech/prog death band Irreversible Mechanism.  He released his second full length album under his own name this past monday the 11th titled “Dreamology”.  It’s a ripper, like his debut album.  A bit less wild and more melodic than Dark Matter Secret.  DMS has a lot of odd rhythms, sweet clean sections and tons of amazing guitar work with a killer bassist that backs him up the whole time.  It just proves Shvarts is a wildly talented and diverse musician, which we already knew…..but not enough people know of.  Oh, and Dark Matter Secret is signed to The Artisan Era as well. Check out his new album “Dreamology” and Dark Matter Secret’s album “Perfect World Creation” below!


Probably my favourite brutal death band from Russia, I was introduced to them when I caught wind of them on a sweet tour going through Europe last year. With Devangelic, Antropofagus and Relics of Humanity filling the rest of the bill, I knew I would be in for a treat with whatever Ossuary Anex had in their arsenal. And I was not in the least bit disappointed. I don’t want to give too much away, but if you’re into any of the bands listed above, you won’t be either. I promise.

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