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Irreversible Mechanism- Immerison



Irreversible Mechanism’s sophomore album was released yesterday, and has raised all kinds of eyebrows for fans of the technical/progressive death metal newcomers now turned more melodic and more atmospheric.  For fans like myself who have been there for a few years since the 2015 mind-blowing tech death debut opus “Infinite Fields” it might be a letdown for those fans.  Since they released the single “Abolution” I heard twice before the release and the stream this past Wednesday I heard once, It’s started to grow. Lots of artists release work that doesn’t really grab you from the first listen, and its always best to give albums a few chances or revisit them a few years later.

Another potential factor that may have influenced their sound was Yaroslov Korotkin left the band during the recording (or after maybe?) of “Immersion”.  Don’t want to speculate if it was on good terms or not, but Ilya Studenok took over the spot in the band.  Maybe he helped sway the band’s sound and try something different? Immersion is a good release that will get better every listen through, as of right now this is my 4th time through the album since yesterday.


The guitar work of Vladislav is top notch, as usual.  It’s more melodic and focused this time around, and as previously stated less tech and frantic.  Don’t worry IM fans, their music is still heavily layered with different key & synth sounds, and some guitar duals.  There are even parts of singing that make their songs from “Immersion” more dynamic and emotional.  Unfortunately (in my case at least) there isn’t any string work on the songs that I absolutely loved periodically on their debut.  I love when tech and prog bands add orchestrated elements to their music, whether its a slight influence or heavier influence.  There’s also some electronic surprises in the songs which wasn’t present in “Infinite Fields”.

Overall I enjoy Immersion the more I listen to it, and people should just shut the fuck up and listen.  It’s a solid album on a new label (Blood Music) that is better than your average modern metal band’s release.  Personally I think the guys wanted to try something new, and not everyone is accepting right off the bat, at least.  Here are both albums, so you can hear the sound difference and make your own choice.  Both albums are solid, either way.



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