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Lago September 2018 Interview


One cool band I found this year is Lago, a death metal band out of Arizona.  Heavy as fuck and groovy. Their guitarist and vocalist Cole answered the questions. Many topics were discussed, including their tour they just started with Micwaber and Ahtme…..Dates are right below.  Oh, and if you live in Western New York this tour package is a definite must see for a Monday Funday show! A great Death/Groove/Tech metal tour with local support from Death Metal band Debrained. COME THE FUCK ON OUT AND BEAT THE MONDAY BLUES!  And show some love for Mike Deitzman who’s putting on this show and has a history with the buffalo music scene….the guy deserves your respect. Promoting and booking ain’t easy, folks.

09/14 Austin, TX @ Come and Take it Live
09/15 Fort Worth, TX @ Tomcats West
09/16 Houston, TX @ Acadia Bar
09/17 New Orleans, LA @ Santos Bar
09/19 Greenville, SC @ The Radio Room
09/21 Frederick, MD @ Cafe 611
09/22 Trenton, NJ @ Championship Bar
09/23 Brooklyn, NY @ The Kingsland
09/24 Tonawanda, NY @ Stamps
09/25 Pittsburgh, PA @ The Smiling Moose
09/26 Lexington, KY @ The Green Lantern
09/27 Chicago, IL @ GMan Tavern
09/28 Kansas City, MO @ The Riot Room
09/29 Denver, CO @ Trailside Saloon



TMR: How was Lago brought together? And what’s the meaning and influence on the band name?

I started it just for the sake of jamming back in 2009 when I was still in the Marines. The band name comes from the movie “High Plains Drifter”. The town in the movie is called Lago

TMR:  Sea Of Duress is a killer album! Do you feel as a band you have artistically evolved from your previous releases?

Yes. That’s really the point. I can see how more known bands can possibly alienate fans by doing this. We just don’t want to put out the same album every time.

TMR: What advice you would give the younger version of yourselves you have learned along the way? Wether it’s music related or business/industry related.

I think I would just say for starters… play music that you want to. Have the art you present only be something you approve. Stay genuine. Metal doesn’t pay the bills so make sure it’s truly something that you love.

TMR: What do you guys like to drink? Beer, liquor? What’s your poison?

We’re beer guys. Our drummer and lead guitarist love the herb… but we def love beer. Type of beer? Any.

TMR: Describe the Lago creative process. Is it collaborative? Do you build off a theme, or the music? Let us step inside your creative brains!

We kinda get 2 or three base riffs and build off of them. As far as lyrics we generally tend to have a theme. We came up in the punk world as kids so we have those types of ethics and values that kind of show up in lyrics.


TMR: What’s everyone’s favorite death metal band and death metal album of all time?

Cole Morbid Angel – Domination Garrett Morbid Angel – Domination

TMR: What do you do outside of Lago?

I work in Aviation. I train in power lifting and train Jiu Jitsu. I watch Formula 1 racing. I’m a dork.

TMR: What is/was your best moment as an artist?

Probably playing North West Terror feat in Seattle this year

TMR: What was Lago’s most defining moment or biggest/best thing that happened to you?

I guess I can’t really say. Anytime we’ve had a release is a big deal. There’s so many good moments though.

TMR: How do you deal with criticism? Not all of us handle it well. Give some advice for the young artists & bands!

Step one of dealing with criticism… don’t give a fuck. Step two… repeat step one

TMR: Any collaborations you guys dream of whether it’s an artist or producer?

As far as production not really. We think about dream tours. We’d love to tour with a Gorguts or a Exhumed

TMR: Who’s your favorite band right now?

Convulsing from Australia

TMR: Do you collect albums? Any new purchases?

All the time… Most recent purchases, Convulsing, Burial Invocation, Mortuous, Ellorsith, Replicant, Tomb Mold… to name a few

TMR: What does the band plan on doing after this upcoming tour?

Write… plan more tours for Sea of Duress

TMR: Any new music you’re working on?

A few parts of songs. Nothing major. The focus is still Sea of Duress


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