Month: January 2019

Backstabber showcase “Geo Engineering” off upcoming album

Death Metal outfit BackStabber have unveiled a wild and heavy new track “Geo Engineering” off their pending release “Conspiracy Theorist”. The band released this lyric video today through No Clean Singing.  It’s a wild and heavy straightforward death metal anthem, with some sweet rhythms.  The guitar solo is pretty melodic […]

Relics Of Humanity- Obscuration

Relics Of Humanity is a brutal death metal band from Belarus who is releasing their EP “Obscuration” shortly on February 22nd through Willowtip Records.  The label constantly strives for quality music, and Relics of Humanity is just that and then some for the death metal crowd.  This band really does […]

Evergrey- The Atlantic

Evergrey released “The Atlantic “a few days ago on January 25th and it’s quite the wild ride.  This melodic progressive metal band has grabbed my attention and gone under the radar for quite some time. Prior to this release there are a handful of other albums, so it’s not […]

Anomalism- Parasitic Spawn

WOW! Anomalism is an absolutely bonkers technical death metal band located in Winnipeg.  Okay, I can’t really begin anywhere…..let’s just put it this way: they’re mind-blowing.  They’re masters of the craft (ESPECIALLY FOR A DEBUT!) and have also added melody, which lots of tech bands don’t always do which is […]

Desecravity- Anathema

Desecravity released an absolute awesome album today called “Anathema” an the technical death metal masters have graced us with their greatness yet again.  Asian bands tend to get passed over for a multitude of reasons, and I’ve been paying attention to this wildly talented band since their second offering “Orphic […]

Walk The Rail- Embroidery

Walk The Rail is a Progressive Rock band out of Chile that released this album “Embroidery” last year.  It’s pretty good, and I’ll start by telling you that the moods are ever so prevalent in the record.  When it’s mellow, it’s mellow…..and they really add another whole dimension when […]

Hath- Of Rot And Ruin

Blackened Death Metal group Hath is releasing “Of Rot And Ruin” on April 12th through Willowtip Records.  The band has also been added on a sweet tour this month with Cognitive and Micawber.  If you live near any of the last 3 stops, I highly suggest you check it out.  Micawber threw down with Ahtme and Lago last […]