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Anomalism- Parasitic Spawn

WOW! Anomalism is an absolutely bonkers technical death metal band located in Winnipeg.  Okay, I can’t really begin anywhere…..let’s just put it this way: they’re mind-blowing.  They’re masters of the craft (ESPECIALLY FOR A DEBUT!) and have also added melody, which lots of tech bands don’t always do which is impressive.  The vocals are just flat out awesome.  The diversity and range from both vocalists really bring out the sound of Anomalism, to say the least.  When the guitarists aren’t out making every other guitarist cry, the band can lay down a very solid groove.  The rhythm section holds it down really tight, and the drumming is just absolutely out of this world good.  The band’s speed varies so much, you need to be pretty good to keep up with their change of tempo…..that is saying a lot about their talent.


Mike Palmer- Rhythm Guitar & Lead Vocals
Josh Koob- Lead Guitar & Back Up Vocals
James Gsols- Bass & Back Up Vocals
Nigel Mason- Drums


There’s a drummer in there……somewhere.  You just have to look really, really hard.


Want to be impressed a little more? They opened up for THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER in the infancy stages of this band! They’re totally kicking ass and taking names right now, to say the least.  “Parasitic Spawn” dropped earlier this month, and I think it’s gonna land a spot in my favorite EP’S of 2019 most likely.  You can check out the EP right here.  While supplies last, there are physical copies and a few different varieties of shirts as well.  Pick something up and support this great new band! Stay tech you fiends!



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