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Orphalis- The Birth Of Infinity

I stumbled across a killer technical death metal band Orphalis, and figured I would share the love about their debut record from 2016 “The Birth Of Infinity”.  I think I bumped into another solid technical band that has done a solid job of balancing enough of that, and added melody to keep them interesting for the whole album.  Too many tech bands show off their talent, and don’t create an abundance of music without much groove or even an attempt of melody.  Like Anomalism and Structural, these guys have that great balance and pretty prolific songwriting for a newer band.  Germans have a historical knack of breeding truly fantastic artists, and Orphalis just another example of that fact.




Thomas – Vocals
Jens – Vocals/Guitar
Morten – Guitar
Diego – Bass
Phillip – Drums

The vocals between Thomas and Jens are flat out AWESOME. The guitars have absolutely awesome riffs, and some great leads as well on “The Birth Of Ifinity”.  The band as a collective whole is seriously in sync.  Phillip’s drumming stands out a whole ton, as I think he’s really the pulse behind the band.  It seems like the rest of the band feeds off his relentless blasts, and they take off from there.  Seeing someone mention this band somewhere on the deep dark web was a serious victory…you are bound to come across music that you don’t totally like, but I really vibe with Orphalis.  They have a good blend of classic and modern death metal to their sound.  Fans of classic and new death metal should appreciate the talents of the band, with that extra added tech flare.  You can check out the album right here.  Hope you all enjoy this beast!


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