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TrYangle- Wolf

TrYangle is a stellar progressive psychedelic rock band from England.  The band will really diversify your palette, if you give them a chance.  I was impressed with their vocals and soundscape that created some really, really cool melodies along the way.  The nods to classic progressive rock and classic rock make for one heck of an experience.  If anything, this newer band tips their cap to the classic prog bands with their own twist in comparison to modern progressive music.  If you’re into that, TrYangle’s latest release will definitely satisfy your ears.


Gonçalo da Silva Nova: vocals & guitars

Nuno Castro Maio: basses

Ricardo Maio Castro: drums


The rhythm section lays down a seriously good grove, keeping the band tight as can be.  The guitars are very melodic and very emotional as well.  It only adds to that said emotion of “Wolf”.  If you wanna try something new that isn’t like your normal progressive rock or progressive metal band I’d highly suggest TrYangle.  Check out the album “Wolf” right here and form your own opinion.  I think the guys did a solid job and is refreshing to hear a more melodic and atmospheric approach, rather than the technical side of the genre.

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