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Desecravity- Anathema

Desecravity released an absolute awesome album today called “Anathema” an the technical death metal masters have graced us with their greatness yet again.  Asian bands tend to get passed over for a multitude of reasons, and I’ve been paying attention to this wildly talented band since their second offering “Orphic Signs” (from 2014).  They were still playing shows and showing signs of activity with 2 full lengths under their belt, I got worried recently they may be tanking.  But since they released a single from “Anathema” and preorder information went up, my concerns went away.  I have a terrible bout of luck when it comes to great bands I get into, and within a handful of months to maybe a half year they split up.  Well, I’m glad I was dead wrong and the Japanese 4 piece has released an AMAZING album that is their best offering to date!


Yuichi Kudo – Drums

Daisuke Ichiboshi- Bass

Yuya Takeda- Guitar

Yujiro Suzuki- Vocals & Guitar



Yeah well their guitar playing is well…..flawless.  The clean arpeggios, sweep picking, tapping and very precise rhythms from all the string players.  The band is just mind boggling, almost to the point where if they got around more I surely think they could claim the throne genre greats Necrophagist and Spawn Of Possession have left empty.  Yuichi Kudo’s drum work is just absolutely perfect.  The guy is always changing speeds, keeping up with the wild fretboard work and adding lots of fills while playing his own style.  “Anathema” isn’t for your average metalhead, and someone that can’t appreciate the true talents of a wild band like Desecravity.  The record is available now through their label Willowtip Records and can purchase their other albums as well.  Enjoy this wild ride metalheads!



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