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Walk The Rail- Embroidery

Walk The Rail is a Progressive Rock band out of Chile that released this album “Embroidery” last year.  It’s pretty good, and I’ll start by telling you that the moods are ever so prevalent in the record.  When it’s mellow, it’s mellow…..and they really add another whole dimension when it gets rockin’ let me tell you.  The vocals are really diverse, and the guitar leads are very melodic and not over the top.  They also have some pretty cool instrumental sections as well.


Ricardo Sande – Guitars & Lead Vocals
Juan Antonio Quiroga – Guitars & Backup Vocals
Eduardo Munizaga – Bass
Diego Quiroga – Drums/Percussions & Backup Vocals
The band has a really wide sound, and is anything BUT flat.  If you’re into the heavier side of progressive music(the death metal side, in particular), you may not enjoy it.  But if you like something as heavy as Porcupine Tree got, then you will dig Walk The Rail. They’re a very emotional band, and it comes to fruition in their music. The rhythm section of Diego and Eduardo absolutely shine on “Embroidery”.  Walk The Rail has an established sound for a newer band, and after listening to “Embroidery” I’m really excited for their future.  They’re an independent band, so don’t just listen to their music.  Help promote them and suggest them, and BUY THEIR MUSIC! Bands and artists doing it on their own need your help as much as signed bands on record labels do! Cheers to the WTR guys on a stellar album! You can check out their music here.  I hope our followers dig this band as much as I did! Enjoy!

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