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Hath- Of Rot And Ruin

Blackened Death Metal group Hath is releasing “Of Rot And Ruin” on April 12th through Willowtip Records.  The band has also been added on a sweet tour this month with Cognitive and Micawber.  If you live near any of the last 3 stops, I highly suggest you check it out.  Micawber threw down with Ahtme and Lago last year in Niagara Falls, and won’t let you down.  Hath has added some singing to their sound, to expand themselves and it fits in really well to be honest.  The vocals are a great mix of singing, some black metal shrieks here and there, and some steady death metal gutturals.  What’s really sweet, is you can understand a good portion of it! That takes serious talent in the death metal world, if you ask me.


The guitar work is absolutely splendid with all the tremolo riffing, melodic guitar solos and bone crushing riffs that’ll last years! The music also has some hints of progressive elements here and there, ever so diversifying their sound even more.  The band has only had an EP up to this point, and “Of Rot And Ruin” is one hell of a debut full length.  The rhythm is absolutely on point, and the drumming just adds to the emotional intensity Hath is bringing musically.  This album will definitely go under the radar for many metalheads, but dudes like myself are here to try to help prevent it.



Frank Albanese – Guitar/Vocals
Greg Nottis – Bass/Vocals
Peter Brown – Guitar
AJ Viana – Drums

This band just really hits home.  It’s such a solid full length debut that it may creep onto my 2019 best of list.  If you’re into a more progressive take on blackened death metal, you’ll love this record.  There’s some fun twists and turns throughout “Of Rot And Ruin” but overall the guys don’t stray away from the musical path they created.  Don’t forget to go to Willowtip’s website and preorder this album before it’s released!

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