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Micawber September 2018 Interview


Death metal band Micawber is on a September headliner tour with support from Ahtme and Lago.  All bands are promoting new releases and I highly suggest you check out these extreme metal gems! Their bassist Marv answered the questions. The guys are stopping in Tonawanda this coming Monday the 24th, don’t stay home with a case of the Monday blues and check out some great tech/groove death metal bands ya duds!



TMR: How has Beyond The Reach Of Flame been taken by the metal community?

Seems like everyone really likes it which is great. Its pretty different from our last releases due to the addition of our new guitarist Derek Debruin, but we all dug the what we were coming up with which is always most important to us. We write what we like and if other people happen to dig it too thats awesome, which they have.
TMR: Can you go into detail about the history of Micawber a bit and how it formed? I only found out about you guys a few months ago, and been a pretty big fan ever since.

Well Leighton and Tyler have been in the band since about 2007, with various style and lineup changes since. I joined about 8 years ago cuz the guys were going on tour a bunch, which is what I always wanted to do. Since then we’ve lost and gained a few members. Derek being the last guy joining about 3 years ago. We’ve been doing really well with this lineup and think we’ve finally got it solidified.
TMR: What is the main theme behind your latest release?

You know the typical metal shit, politics, religion, partying, etc. Haha
TMR: What are your favorite lyrics from Beyond The Reach Of Flame?

Mine personally are Full Denim Jacket which is a play on the title of the film Full Metal Jacket. But basically it’s about partying and rippin it up on the road.
TMR: Favorite show you guys have played?

When we played The Whiskey in L.A. opening up on the Sepultura tour, that was pretty surreal.
TMR: Who is your favorite band right now?

I really dig the new Black Fast album. We’d love to hit the road with those guys soon!
TMR: Who influenced you to become musicians?


TMR: Recall some of your favorite moments in Micwaber.

All of them haha

TMR: What were/are some of your band’s biggest or most pivotal moment(s)?

Probably getting signed by Prosthetic Records and opening up for Sepultura.
TMR: It’s your last day on this earth. What is your Last Supper consisting of?

The original $5 box at Taco Bell.
TMR: What are your favorite metal genres?

Any of them that are loud, fast, and your parents (usually) don’t like.
TMR: Rattle off bands you guys think are up and coming in the metal scene.
Our buddies in the Wisconsin band Toxic Ruin are rippin it up. Our buddies in Gorgatron are doing cool shit too, they’re some road dogs for sure. Also, our fill-in guitarist, Billy Zahn’s band Frosthelm is about to drop a new album, so be on the look for that and check all those bands out!
TMR: Marry Fuck Kill, choose one option for each! Peter Griffin (from Family Guy), Homer Simpson, and Wonder Woman? And…Go! Have some fun with this one!
TMR:What are you guys interested in outside of the band?

Drinking, gambling, and partying in general.




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