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Prophetic Scourge- Calvary


Progressive Death Metal Frenchmen Prophethic Scourge are releasing a heavy, heavy album on September 28th through Season of Mist and Klonosphere.  It’s full of groove, emotion, and plenty of brutality.  The band released its debut EP “Corrupt Karmik Invigilators” and Calvary definitely brings this young band to a new level.  In their short existence they have already opened for notable extreme metal acts such as Six Feet under and Benighted!  The band experimented a bit more (and I thoroughly enjoy it!) in comparison to their straightforward and heavy EP by adding more progressive, thrash and black metal elements to their songs.



I absolutely love the voice of Josh Smith and their drummer John Erviti.  It’s great to have vocalists in death metal you can actually understand! I know, it’s rare but it DOES happen.  John’s drumming is also a great highlight for me as in my world he’s almost like a human drum machine.  The guitar work is very groovy, occasionally technical and very driving.  I can’t say how much I really enjoyed “Calvary”, gonna have to say this beast is gonna be an under-looked record of this year. Enjoy a larger prog metal influenced track “A Medium- The Spider Goddess Revealed” below!



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