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Relics Of Humanity- Obscuration

Relics Of Humanity is a brutal death metal band from Belarus who is releasing their EP “Obscuration” shortly on February 22nd through Willowtip Records.  The label constantly strives for quality music, and Relics of Humanity is just that and then some for the death metal crowd.  This band really does death metal right, and I truly mean it.  The drums are on point and one of the best features of this mighty death metal group.  They’re tight, consistent and very energetic.  It’s definitely one of my personal highlights of the EP without a doubt.  Wanna know what makes them even greater? DEREK FROM SUFFOCATION makes a guest appearance as a guest bassist on the track “Ana Kihu Alamu”.  They have that old school death metal vibe, and Derek sure as heck brings it on that song!  Oh….and the EP was mastered by Joe Cincotta who HAS worked with Suffocation!( Internal Bleeding, and The Black Dahlia Murder as well……just saying).  Cincotta has worked with some of extreme metal’s finest, and achieved quality sound… you now know what to expect from Relics of Humanity.



AJ – Vocals
Pavel – Drums
Sergey – Guitars
Pavel – Bass

AJ’S voice is just so pure and consistent, it just fits his band’s sound perfectly.  His lows are very, very stellar.  I really enjoyed his vocal style, hearing a little bit of my favorite death metal vocalist in there occasionally…..Mr. Frank Mullen.  Big ups to you, AJ! The rhythm section of the Pavels is pretty sweet too, as I’ve already talked about how great the drums are.  The bass player Pavel locks down a solid rhythm, making this band an even more serious force in brutal death metal.  Relics of Humanity has done a smashingly brutal job mixing in the classic 1990’s death metal sound into 2019, and hot damn do I love it. This band is definitely TMR approved, and will fill all your brutal needs headbangers.  Check out “Ana Kihu Alamu” below, and preorder this EP right now!

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