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Mordant Rapture- The Abnegation

Mordant Rapture is releasing its debut EP “The Abnegation” July 13th through the Artisan Era.  I have to try to be objective, but holy shit this band hauls ass.  This is my personal favorite signing the label has made this year at least.  Why? Josh Miller is a […]

Aethereus June 2018 Interview

Aethereus is releasing their first full length “Absentia” on August 10th through The Artisan Era. I chatted with the guys about music, and shit. Ya know….stuff. TMR: What was it like working with Luis Martinez?   Ben: I met Luis after The Zenith Passage played in Seattle. He […]

Mordant Rapture June 2018 Interview

Mordant Rapture’s complex debut EP The Abnegation is set to be released July 13th on their new record label The Artisan Era.  The band further explained their upcoming release, the musician life, being freshly signed upon many other things. Enjoy!   TMR: What’s the meaning behind your band […]