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Mordant Rapture- The Abnegation

Mordant Rapture - The Abnegation cover art

Mordant Rapture is releasing its debut EP “The Abnegation” July 13th through the Artisan Era.  I have to try to be objective, but holy shit this band hauls ass.  This is my personal favorite signing the label has made this year at least.  Why? Josh Miller is a fucking beast of a drummer, lets go with that.  The guitar work of Ben and Kent are out of this world…..this is tech death to the next level.  There’s all sorts of great track layering between synth/keys and orchestration that expand the sound of Mordant Rapture.

I love the experimentation the tech death movement with Mordant Rapture being a prime example.  Bands such as Burial In The Sky- Creatio Et Hominus (AMAZING album from Burial In The Sky, by the way) have experimented with saxophone, on top of their psychedelic prog death metal influence.  Dischordia- Binge/Purge is another great example (AWEOSME EP by the way definitely the band’s best work yet!) with its odd rhythms, flute, dissonance, marimba, ukulele and other extra instruments that Dischordia diversified their unique sound with. And yeah, their bassist Josh Turner plays the flute sections live.  The vocals of Rodriguez are so fierce and energetic it carries immense waves of adrenaline during “Abnegation”.

Mordant Rapture crafted a great debut EP, and look forward to their future with immense pleasure.  Tech freaks know Necrophagist is dead, and Spawn of Possession called it quits.  If you ask me, I think Mordant Rapture is ready to take a seat at the Tech Death table like King Arthur’s knights did.  These guys are off to one hell of a start as a band and hope this EP gets the respect it deserves.  Keep tech death great shredders!


Find out more about the band in my interview I did with them!

Mordant Rapture June 2018 Interview

The Abnegation:
1. Unsightly Beast
2. Withered
3. A Plea Above Ashes
4. Quell the Voiceless
5. Natal Trophies

Mordant Rapture:
Vocals- Rodrigo Rodríguez
Guitar- Ben Wilkinson
Guitar- Kent Congdon
Drums- Josh Miller

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