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Carnal Decay- When Push Comes To Shove

Carnal Decay - When Pushes Comes To Shove. Cover Art


Carnal Decay is releasing a 7″ split vinyl on July 20th (also available digitally!) through Rising Nemesis Records.  I love death metal you can’t understand (like Visceral Disgorge heavy, for example) but vocalist Michael Kerns has a constant guttural you can understand. “When Push Comes To Shove” is also going to be distributed through other labels including: Nice to Eat you Records, Sevared Records,  Fat Tub of Lard Records, Brutal Mind, Pathologically Explicit Recordings, and UKEM Records.

Carnal Decay is disgusting heavy.  They have a handful of releases so far in their career and have a great sludgy and groovy rhythm.  The band just played a bunch of shows in Japan, as well.  That, and a whole ton of other shit including this upcoming release can be found in an interview right fucking here!

The band has groove for days.   Sebastian Mantel’s drumming really stands out as well.  It’s a great 3 song effort that shouldn’t be ignored.  The good news is they are working on more material for a full length. I totally approve of this band. Buy this shit!

Catch them at a show if you live anywhere near these dates in Europe!
21. July, Spain, Barcelona, Move Your fucking Brain Festival
20. October, Germany, Wermelskirchen, Bahndamm
24. November, Belgium, Peer, Brutality over Belgium North Edition

Carnal Decay Bandpic 2017.jpg


Carnal Decay:
Drums: Sebastian Mantel
Bass: Nasar Skripitskij
Guitar: Isabelle Iten
Vocals: Michael Kern

All the preorder links are right here!


When Push Comes To Shove Track Listing:
1. When Push Comes To Shove
2. Food For Thought (feat. Igor Fil of Katalepsy)
3. We All Bleed Red



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