Immanifest November 2019 Interview

Immanifest has a great album “Macrobial” coming out and we caught up with the band to talk about it.

TMR: How did you guys get into music and metal in general?
Obviously the answer to this would vary among each member, but a common thread I could say is Florida death metal was a major introduction to extreme music.

TMR: If you had to describe your upcoming release “Macrobial” to a new listener….what two albums would you say strongly influenced its creation? What could they expect? 
I read a review recently that described Macrobial as full of surprises. Moreover, we don’t think the listener will get bored and for as much complexity and aggression embedded in the album, there is relief in the elements or hooks that get you to listen to it again. Two albums that inspired Macrobial- that’s challenging because we’re inspired by all kinds of metal and music in general. If you’re asking me, Cruelty and the Beast by Cradle of Filth and Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia by Dimmu Borgir. Also everything by Old Man’s Child and Dissection, for good measure (laughs)

TMR: It’s no secret you guys went a while without releasing material. Did the well just run dry? Or was it just a ridiculously long adventure? 
A ridiculously long adventure would better describe it (laughs).

TMR: What new metal bands do you guys see as up and comers in the genre? List some of your favorite new bands! 
Yea, check out the Artisan Era roster!  😉 

TMR: Do you have any shows planned promoting “Macrobial”?
Not for 2019.

TMR: What motivates the band to keep pushing forward?
Macrobial just seemed inevitable…something we needed to release. Overall, its the love of metal and extreme music in general. There’s an amazing sense of creative freedom in the ever-expanding parameters of extreme metal. We feel completely uninhibited writing this kind of music- that’s incredibly empowering.

TMR: How did the band come to the conclusion of the name Immanifest? What influenced the name?

I had just finished reading “The Eye of the I”, a metaphysics book by David R. Hawkins. It’s from that book that I came across the term. It felt right- and that it perfectly encapsulated the realm in which our creativity emerges from.
TMR: Explain the lyrical content, theme, and artwork for “Macrobial”.  
Macrobial is an invented term denoting dimensional realities orthogonal to our own. Our lyrical content might explore broad depths among the topics we build upon, but there is always this effort to retain the ability to contextualize. ‘Macrobial’ therefore summarizes the overall lyrical and artistic theme in the exploration of possible hidden realities of nature; or as Jan Irvin puts it “Unocculting Reality”
TMR: What song is the band most proud of from “Macrobial”?

 Again, this will vary from member to member…and with the passage of time. “Emissaries of Ikhenaton”, “Wandjina” or perhaps “Spirits of Old”.

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