Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 11-7-19

Welcome back to our weekly adventure here in tech town! This week we have some more smashing new bands for you to discover, but first listen to a ton of our past suggestions right here!


Earlier this year in February we helped host the Cognitive/Monotheist/The Machinist/Alukah/Sastruga tour package (Sastruga being the local support band from Rochester).  Alukah was added last minute with a show that fell through and wanted something in their travels.  Boy, did they not let down.  Groovy, heavy and brutal.  Nice dudes as well, to boot.  Baltimore brings some awesome extreme metal when push comes to shove with bands like Visceral Disgorge and Wormhole, so we aren’t shocked at all.  The band released their debut album last year “Defining Torment”.  Listen to it below!


Colorado houses some great metal bands and Tethys is another shining star in that area.  The technical death metal superstars released their new single “Darkest Reflection” last week and is an even bigger step up from the impressive debut EP “Whispers Of Creation”.  The band’s songwriting is just as good and can’t wait for the rest of the batch!  Tethys is a ridiculously talented and polished band, and this new track definitely proves that statement true.  They hold true to their technical roots, but are even groovier this time around with some nasty rhythms.  Check out the song below and see if you agree!


Remember the drum playthrough these guys launched with us last week? Well we are here to toot their horn again.  They’re an interesting progressive rock band with some psychedelic influences and a heaviness similar to genre greats Mastodon.  SIT is a very enjoyable group with infectious grooves and melodies.  Check out the latest release “That Which Saves Us” below!

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