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Singularity- Place Of Chains

Singularity is gearing up to release their Artisan Era debut album “Place Of Chains” this coming Friday October 11th.  As long as they’ve been around this band has already impressed me a lot in every way fashionable.  This upcoming album though is their best work (as stereotypical as it sounds).  You can check out “Ritual Of Regret”, “Sisyphean Cycle” and “Serpentes, Eternal” at these links.  Their sound has always captivated me….it’s not necessarily death metal but almost blackened death metal with keys and insanely complex passages.  Singularity has given us a super tasty record with “Place Of Chains”.

Symphonic Technical Blackened Death metal…..quite a sound, aye?  The guitar riffs are very fresh and unlike a lot in the technical genre.  The band focuses on songs as a whole, not who can play the fastest or show off their individual talents.  Singularity is a BAND, a group of artists.  Nobody takes the spotlight off anyone, it’s a group effort and it shows through every member.




Jack Fliegler – Guitar/Vocals 
Adam King – Bass/Vocals 
Nick Pompliano (RIP) – Keyboards 
Nathan Bigelow – Drums 

Losing a band members terrible no matter the circumstance, especially if they were with the band for a long time.  Nick Pompliano was a good person and even better keyboard player. Nate Bigelow is a super, super good drummer..  He also drums in Arkaik and is a very big piece in the band’s ever evolving sound.  His flawless style and clean playing is a big part of the recipe for Singularity’s success as a band.  The vocal attack of King and Fliegler is very awesome.  In regards to their sound, being right in the middle of the vocal range is exactly where it needs to be.  If it was too high I may not have liked it as much.

“Place Of Chains” is shaping up to be one of my favorite albums of the year, and there will be one ridiculously long list of what I enjoyed from the whole year.  Singularity keeps growing and evolving as a band with every release, and this is undeniably their best effort.  It stands out from the crowd and you should give it a serious listen. “Place Of Chains” most definitely deserves your undivided attention.

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