Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 10-10-19

Hope you’re enjoying this weekly column we’ve been putting out! We have some more music for you to check out here at the TMR bunker, and in the meantime check out a plethora of our previous articles for more music to check out.  Here’s some new bands you may not have heard of!


Want some melodic technical death metal? Shattered has you covered.  Their full length “New Atlantis” was released in 2015 and they dropped a new single “Origins” in September.  The tracks are layered great with some keys/harps to spice things up, and the riffs themselves are melodic… aren’t galloped to death rhythmically.  This band is truly awesome and is composed of some ridiculously good musicians.  Check out their music below and please in the name of Bacon buy their damn music.


Something a bit less involved, and 100% brutal.  The Germans in Damnation Defaced have a no frills, no bullshit sound.  Their latest opus “The Devourer” is well exactly what it says… devours you.  Okay, not literally but it’s pretty awesome.  Consistent, heavy gutturals that don’t really leave the lower end (barely tapping the mids) of vocal range.  There’s keyboards on some of the parts that spice things up but DD is one heck of a death metal band.  Pay attention to what people are talking about and posting, otherwise I wouldn’t have listening to these guys or the previous band Shattered as well! Take a gander and treat your earholes to their latest release from a few months ago “The Devourer”.



Mick Hayes is one of Buffalo’s most talented and hard working artists of any genre.  He is a blues/rock artist, who ventured in Funk/R&B/Jazz in the later part of his career.  Hayes’ sound is so expansive and doesn’t limit himself.  He’s also put in his time playing a ton of bars…..but the last handful of years get on the same bill as HISTORIC artists.  Deep Purple, Peter Frampton, Robin Trower and a ton more I can’t remember off the top of my head.  He moved to Atlanta about a decade (maybe less than 10 years?) ago to further his career.  He tried hard, and ended up moving back here…..was it a failure? It was a learning experience and met a lot of people there.  Heck, this is the man that got to jam with STEVIE WONDER at a Winter NAMM session a few years ago.  He attended Steve Vai’s Guitar academy and got a ton of advice from that legend.  Mick has played a lot of shows in Canada as well, and recently signed on with some managers in LA to get his name out there.  He’s working on an album with a 2020 release date and boy I have had the honor to check it out…..maybe you’ll get a song or article talking about that full length release next year.  Check out a few of his songs below and tell me you’re not impressed with his guitar playing, singing or songwriting.  The guy legit does it ALL.






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