Singularity November 2019 Interview

Singularity released one of 2019’s finest and most polished records “Place Of Chains”.  We caught up with the band to talk about what’s going on in their world. Their monstrous guitarist Jack answered our questions. Enjoy the interview!
TMR: ” “Place of Chains” is such a great release. How did you attack writing this record? “Void Walker” was such a great effort to follow up. Was there any pressure you guys felt?

Thank you! We went into Place of Chains wanting to take everything we’re proud of from our first album in 2014 combined with everything we’re proud of from Void Walker. Void Walker was a conscious effort to be “heavier” whereas the first album, we’re very proud of the atmosphere we managed to create. So Place of Chains was us trying to take that next step and create our best release yet.

Truth be told, we did feel some pressure to top everything we’ve done so far but that was, of course, brought on by ourselves as musicians trying to be the best we’ve ever been. We were amazed and so happy with the reception we got on the previous full-length in 2014 and we wanted to experience that amazing reception again. So we knew the fans needed to hear the best Singularity they’ve heard yet. We also wanted to hear our best album yet for ourselves to be proud as well.

TMR: Do you have any plans to do any shows promoting the album?

We’re planning a monstrous 2020. We will definitely be playing some shows and getting out there!


TMR: How did the band get involved with The Artisan Era? Seeing a huge name in Arkaik sign to the label is ridiculously huge as well as you guys.

It was a really nice and natural process. Malcolm reached out to us and we instantly became friends. We talked for quite a while before anything relating to us signing to The Artisan Era came up. He saw a lot of potential in us and we’re so insanely thankful for him and Mike Low at The Artisan Era for believing in Singularity.

TMR: What song is the band most proud of from “Place of Chains”?

That probably differs from band member to band member but I personally am very proud of the song As Dark as this Nefarious Night. That song, I feel like, was me really coming out of my shell and embracing myself as a songwriter and not giving any care in the world about what metal or even Singularity “should” sound like. It was me in a very personal place and I’m so happy that people are enjoying that song. But that was just me. You would have to ask Nathan and Adam on their most proud songs but overall we’re all just very proud of this entire album.

TMR: Justin Abraham did the art for your new release….it’s no shocker he’s insanely talented and understands the bands he works with. What are your favorite Abraham album covers? It’s okay if you think yours is the best he’s done!

I mean…. I REALLY love our album artwork haha. Justin did such a phenomenal job on it. That being said, Equipoise’s Demiurgus artwork is amazing as well. Justin is such a talented artist. I respect him and his work a ton.

TMR: What releases are you guys looking forward to closing out 2019? And what have you enjoyed from this year?

I absolutely loved Inferi’s End of an Era | Rebirth record. The production on that and the way they brought their older ideas to life was absolutely electrifying on that album. Equipoise’s album was amazing as well. Everyone on the Equipoise album are masters at their instrument and that really comes through. I’m very much looking forward to the new Wormhole album which I can’t remember if it comes out in 2019 but the new single they just put out is phenomenal. (edit: It comes out January 2020). Also, Warforged’s album is beautiful as well.

TMR: Favorite band on your record label? There’s a ton of fire on The Artisan Era.

I love all of my family on The Artisan Era. Every band brings something I love to the table. Inferi brings the amazing melodies, Equipoise brings the insane technical abilities. Inanimate Existence brings the atmosphere. Warforged brings the originality. Flub brings the excitement. so on and so-forth. I love this entire label.

Thank you guys!

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