Inertia Official Guitar Playthrough Of “Relax”

If y’all loved the other Inertia guitar playthrough of “The Sacred Deer” here’s one of my favorites…..the mellow instrumental.  “Pachyderm” is my other Inertia jam from their full length banger “Teratoma”. Both tracks hold a special place with me in regards to the band.  It’s a totally different tune and showcases their atmospheric, psychedelic instrumental side without the brutality.  You can mistake this beautiful and complex arrangement for a Contortionist or Animals As Leaders track.  We promised guitar porn, now it’s time to breakout the lotion and tissues.  Kahlil showcases again not only he’s by far one of Buffalo’s best guitarists, but his true diversity as a guitar player and artist.  Enjoy this beautiful playthrough brought to you by Buffalo’s finest.

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