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November’s Artist Of The Month Is…Gilad Hekselman!

Guitar wielding jazz man Gilad Hekselman is November’s Artist Of The Month! If you’re big into modern jazz, Hekselman should be on your radar if not already is.  What I dig about his playing are his great progressions and sneaky melodies he throws in between his sections.  His music is a true honor to listen to, and I figured I would share it with our people.  He is always playing, I swear the guy never puts down the guitar…..and it’s really paid off.  Hekselman’s latest release “Further Chaos” is a continuation from last year’s release “Ask For Chaos”.  He has a lot of different styles into his sound and is far from a one trick pony…..I swear there’s new things I catch every time I listen to his songs.

If you know me well enough, I like to change things up…..our monthly features have been pretty heavy the last few months, so it’s time to kick back and relax this November. I’ll be sharing one song per day on our Facebook page for you to listen to, and I’m sure you’re gonna dig his sound.

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