Pathos And Logos Unleash “Mergers And Acquisitions”


Instrumental Progressive Metal Duo Pathos And Logos unleashed a killer track upon us unworthy earthlings.  “Mergers And Acquisitions” brings a great well rounded sound to the table with not just lots of heavy sections, but lots of mood and phenomenal guitar melodies provided by Kyle.  Paul’s drumming perfectly compliments his riffs and melodies, totally zoning in on their sound.  I really dig how inconsistent the band is, with surprises and mood changes around every corner.

From progressive music to rock to metal to  some jazzy sections and some classic rock mixed in on some of the guitar leads as well, Pathos And Logos brings a diverse sound to the dinner table waiting to be feasted.  I’m an obvious cheerleader of instrumental bands It would be sweet to see more Animals As Leaders/Polyphia/Plini/Intervals on the forefront, fucking shit up in bigger festivals and tours changing the face of music.  This sort of music is for the artsy and open minded, dive into this great track and keep track of the dudes in their musical adventure.


January 2019’s Featured Band is….Fractal Universe!



The first featured band for 2019 is the ever so awesome Fractal Universe!  The French group caught my ears when I heard “Sons of Ignorance” off their full length “Engram Of Decline” and I’ve been hooked ever since.  This hard working independent prog/tech death band was also just recently signed to the Metal Blade Records roster as well! I think this band is a force to be reckoned for a multitude of reasons. I say so because they blend the right amount of tasteful work and complex songwriting along with great groove and soulful guitar leads (not wild 400 BPM arpeggios, sweeps and tapping on repeat!).  They’re the total opposite of Spawn Of Possession, Necrophagist and Archspire but they’re just way too good to not be heard of. What can be summed up from my fanboying is they are extremely tasteful songwriters, and are a welcome addition to a genre that can be overdone. The band has been working hard as can be in their own country with their debut offering an EP called “Boundaries Of Reality”.  They’ve relentlessly toured throughout their country and other places, as an independent band.  I’ve known of them for almost 2 years now and it has been great to see the guys progress as a band and artists.

I’m trying not to post any music, so you can check out their songs all month long.  For a new and young band, their music is well crafted and down to a legitimate science.  Fractal Universe should be heard and known about by more people and bands, and deserve a great opportunity at this point.  Getting signed to a great label should be the start of an even brighter future for the band, and couldn’t be any more excited as an avid fan of Fractal Universe.  I wish the guys the best of luck on their new endeavors with the label.  Also, that photo shows there is a new album due out in a few months!   They have been in full promotion mode for “Engram Of Decline” since it’s release two years ago and have recently been recording between shows.  If they gave us a solid offering a few years ago, I highly doubt they’ll disappoint anyone.  To anyone that doesn’t know Fractal Universe…..I hope you do now and will give their music a legitimate shot.  That is the point of these monthly showcases (with possible interviews, whenever I get around to them).



Olkoth premeires “Imperfect Reanimation” off upcoming 2019 self titled debut album

Hello death metal peoples! This blackened death metal project features Brad Parris (Bass) from NILE and members from Raphemuets Well and Xael.  This killer song blends great groove and hints of technicality.  Imperfect Reanimation is a sweet start to what is hopefully going to be great debut for Olkoth.  The drums are absolutely blistering with some great guitar leads to back up the rhythm and the energy of the vocals.  The wide range of vocals makes Olkoth a more diverse band than most extreme bands, with some black metal shrieks here and there.  They’re definitely not a one trick pony and bring the pain on their debut song.  Check out the headbanger right below here!


Ayamvoid release new single “Condemned To Extinction”



Death Metal group Ayamvoid released their latest single “Condemned To Extinction” a couple of weeks ago.  The band presents a very heavy and straightforward attack to their death metal game.  Ayamvoid is a very groovy band and really likes to slow it down.  I loved the whole band’s energy as a collective unit on the song, and am looking forward to new releases.  You can check out the song below, and follow along on their social media platforms.  They would most definitely appreciate your support, so get on it!

Nihilus release single “Splitting Atoms” from upcoming full length “Borealis”

India’s Tech Death group Nihilus has recently released “Splitting Atoms” from their upcoming album “Borealis”.  It’s pretty sweet to see different parts of the world and their take on technical death metal.  Nihilus is no exception to the technical scene as they show true virtuosity everywhere, especially with their guitar work and their wild grooves.  It’s a great song with some sweet instrumental sections as well, on top of powerful vocals.  Check out the band’s single as we await their full length!

Misery Index premieres new single “New Salem” off upcoming album



Death Metal Titans Misery Index released a RIPPING single this past week off of their upcoming album “Rituals Of Power”.  The music video is everything you would expect out of the band if you’re familiar with them……very energetic, emotional and balls to the wall wild.  Misery Index has been a driving force behind death metal for quite some time now and “New Salem” is nothing different.  It’ll kick you in the teeth and punch you in the face if you even stand back up! Check out the new song and video right below!

The Surrealist launch new song “Kaleido”


Instrumental experimental prog duo The Surrealist have FINALLY released the single they were teasing for weeks yesterday December 14th.  As expected, it’s very melodic and well layered when it has to be.  Roopam’s guitar playing is mind blowing as usual and will launch you into another atmosphere.  If you’re not familiar with The Surrealist, then I suggest you get familiar with their music! If you don’t remember they were my featured band from November.  There are no limits on their massive potential and “Kaelido” is another testament to their original and unique sound Roopam has established for The Surrealist. Check out the song!

Warforged signs to The Artisan Era!



Chicago Death Metal band WARFORGED has official signed with the best independent record label right now, the ever so hot Artisan Era.  The announcing comes as as great surprise, but not a surprise at the same time.  The Warforged guys have been making a name for themselves playing shows and establishing their band for years now.  I only heard of them going into last year, and was blown away at their great melodies and quality musicianship that make them a unique force in death metal.

Here is the official press release through The Artisan Era:

Chicago, Illinois-based death metal act Warforged is proud to officially announce their signing to extreme metal label The Artisan Era. The group will be working with the label to release their first full-length album in the spring of 2019. After garnering widespread acclaim with the release of their 2014 EP, Essence Of The Land, the group has worked hard the last few years to craft a fitting follow up to that highly praised effort.

The Artisan Era comments on the signing, “Warforged is a band that puts every ounce of thought and passion into every aspect of what they do. They are pushing lots of artistic boundaries in the most positive ways with their new material and it’s phenomenal. We are proud to have them on our team and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for the band.”

*The band has recorded a new guitar playthrough for their 2014 song “Regurgitate” which you can listen to HERE:

Warforged band statement on signing to The Artisan Era
“We are very happy to announce that Warforged will be working with The Artisan Era for the release of our debut full-length record: “I: Voice.” The 9 track, 73-minute concept album continues seamlessly out of our 2014 release, “Essence Of The Land,” and serves as part 1 of an ongoing concept centered around interwoven dreams and memory. The music is an elaboration on the vibes and textures from EOTL – pushing for a far wider dynamic and emotional range. Malcolm & Mike are doing great work with TAE and we really look forward to working with them as well as seeing y’all out on the road next year!”

Power To The Ovaries: The Rise Of Female Musicians In Metal Bands

Dave here with one of my rare opinion pieces.  First off,  I want to welcome my friend Vick who is now working with me on here stopping in to write some articles.  She’s very feisty, opinionated, and passionate for the music I strive to promote and is already a great addition to the website.

I have been thinking about this topic for a while, and decided today to blabber about it.  I think its AMAZING seeing women/females getting into heavy metal and other genres artistically than the usual….you know, that female folk singer or pop or hip hop artist….you know, cultural gender stereotypes and expectations.  One thing I absolutely cannot stand is the whole “female fronted” label,  it’s stupid to me at least.  Women are musicians too, you know.  The fact there happens to be females in some bands shouldn’t be a surprise.  And no, this is anything BUT a fad or trend.

Okay, on to the actual point of this article.  As previously stated, I’m very infatuated with the growing number of women going against that artistic gender stereotype….and I’m going to promote some of them (well deserved artists that you may already know).



Yep.  She’s my obsession, i’ll admit it.  This young lady can not only shred and sing, but also can produce and record music.  She has a really unique style now that can’t truly be categorized.  Sarah was really metal at first with lots of shredly demos, heavily influenced by Swedish greats Meshuggah.  The older she got, she experimented with electronics and some pop influence as well to throw in her music for good measure.  If that isn’t enough of a mindfuck, she got into a more expeirmental and progressive style in her newer music.  Her success as a Youtuber is only the beginning of an extremely promising, fulfilling and diverse musical career.  She was also a member of The Fine Constant an instrumental band she had for a handful of years. Longfield is also a new artist of Season Of Mist, as well.  What HASN’T she done already in her young musical career? Her latest album “Disparity” is a serious artistic step for her, yet trying more new things to add to her very impressive sound layering even deeper.  There’s some saxophone, xylophone and even more singing.   I’m gonna let her great music do the talking, and just let you make the decision yourself.









Yvette is the guitarist in her 3 piece instrumental prog band Covet, who has a similar style to Sarah Longfield in some senses.  She also has an acoustic project under her name and an equally beautiful voice on top of her guitar playing as well.   Young is a melodic guitarist who also uses a lot of tapping in her style.  She dabbles into some math rock and jazz as well in Covet.  Both of these lovely young female guitarists are my two personal favorites in music right now and totally crushing it.  It was the “Ares” play through that caught my attention over a year ago and has kept my interest in this great young artist.  Check out some of her wild, melodic and inspiring guitar playing below.


Yep… it is….the almighty ARES.







Yep, time for the heavy shit now.  Sisters of Suffocation is a death metal band consisted mainly of females, except the drummer.  Why am I talking about SOS? Because they’re heavy, that’s why…..and love their death metal.  And before you ask, no they have nothing to do with the legendary death metal band Suffocation.  The gals are equally as crushing as most death metal bands, and don’t get enough recognition in their short existence as a band.  Bang your heads along with the girls (and guy) to these heavy songs.  Oh, and they’re releasing a new album next year I’M SO STOKED ABOUT.  Fucking Death Metal!






To SLIGHTLY change genres a bit, here’s a great Melodic Death Metal bands with TWO vocalists both females.  A friend of mine turned be onto this band, and couldn’t be happier that I am familiar with them.  The band released a great album “Ex Nihilo” last year that finds its way back in my rotation here and there.  Their growls are utterly impressive, to say the least.  Check out this great up and coming band right below.







WOW! I’ve been into this band for a few years now since I saw their grotesque video “Mechanisms of Omniscience”.  Their frontwoman Malika has such a low guttural that you would have never guessed it was a woman! The band is a great death metal band that means business, and full of groove and plenty of brutality.  They’re a straightforward death metal band that doesn’t technically woo you, but their disgusting brutality and sheer power wins you over.  And I have been a big fan ever since.  I hope you feel the same about Abnormality.  Oh, and they too are working on a new album set for a release date sometime next year in 2019.




Okay, so here’s a handful of my favorite bands/artists in the metal and prog scene involving women.  I think it’s great to see more women breaking the trend of where they stereotypically are, but are doing what they want.  I think it’s glorious, and pretty cool for a change in genres generally dominated by males.  If there’s any other great bands I may have missed, don’t be afraid to chime in.

Prog/Avant Garde ORCHID release single “Master Supreme” off upcoming album “Miasma”


Orchid just released a new track “Master Supreme” off their upcoming album “Miasma”.  If you like your metal extra weird, heavy and energetic Orchid should hit the spot for you.  Miasma is set to be released on January 10th and the album was mastered by Colin Marston who was worked with the likes of Gorguts, Atheist, Origin and Dysrhythmia.  Check out the song below and judge for yourself! If you dig it, preorder the sonofabitch!


Vinay: Guitars
Rahil: Bass
Kaushal: Vocals
Mayur: Drums & Percussion