Wounds sign to Everlasting Spew Records!

Chicago Tech Death group Wounds have signed to the record label Everlasting Spew Records!  The label really is peaking my interest more and more……already the home of bands such as Serocs, Fractal Generator, Valgrind and other bands they keep bringing aboard great bands.  Wounds have already released their EP, and is making its way physically on CD.  If you want the CD you can place your order here with a shipping date is April 19th.  Congrats to this great group of musicians!  If you haven’t heard home yet click the first link and check out their tunes! Here’s what the label and band have to say:

We are excited to announce the signing of Chicago based death metal powerhouse Wounds for the release of their debut EP “Light Eater” on CD and Digital on April 19th and their following full length to be recorded later this year!

Pre orders now up in the shop,also available in a special bundle along with Serocs and Vitriol at a special price: www.everlastingspew.com
Digital: https://everlastingspewrecords.bandcamp.com/alb…/light-eater

Guitarist Rick Mora says:
“Wounds is excited to announce our joining the Everlasting Spew family! We’re eager to get things started working with this great label! The response to the EP has been awesome and very motivating. We have a ton of new material that we are working out and finishing up very soon. Planning to get into the studio for a full length in the not too distant future. Also keep your eyes out for some playthrough videos coming soon!”


Native Construct Guitarist Poh Hock announces new EP and “Evil Eye” Guitar Playthrough

Native Construct guitarist Poh Hock has announced an instrumental EP he’s putting out April 15th titled “ATMA” and released this new song through a guitar playthrough titled “Evil Eye”.  Sounds like Hock is going heavier on his solo EP, just based off this one song.  This headbanger takes you through a whirlwind of great work as expected by a guitarist as clean, fluent, and precise as Hock.  Am I surprised? No! But this kinda answers the question why Native Construct has been “asleep” so to say…..at least we get new music from their guitarist! Check out the track below, and preorder the album if you dig the tune!


Ceremony Of Silence release new single “Invocation Of The Silent Eye”

Blackened Death metal band Ceremony Of Silence unleashed another single today “Invocation Of The Silent Eye” from their highly anticipated debut album “Outis”.  I really dig what this band has accomplished so far in their short history, and really love that debut album.  Their sound is exactly what extreme metal needs…..a consistent, no BS heavy blackened death metal band.  You all have a second stellar song to chew on now full of sweet riffs along with the first single “Ceremony Of A Thousand Stars”.  These guys really rip, go get in on those preorders.  We hope you enjoy another stellar song from this great band!


Dawn of Demise release “In Silence He’ll Arise” and announce new album

Death Metal veterans Dawn Of Demise are releasing a new record “Into The Depths Of Veracity” on April 19th and released a ridiculously groovy and heavy track titled “In Silence He’ll Arise”.  Dawn of Demise are one of those consistent death metal bands that don’t get enough love, and have been jamming these guys since their last bone crunching effort “The Suffering” from 2016.  Okay, I’m newer to these guys but that doesn’t take away from the fact. The record will be released through Unique Leader Records.   Scott’s vocals are one of my favorite aspects of the band…..understandable gutturals, a very rare thing in death metal.  Sweet riffing, rhythms, drumming and a melodic guitar solo pack the house on the new single.  If you like your death metal groovy, heavy and disgusting Dawn Of Demise is right up your ally.  Good band to change it up from the technical and complex side of the genre, and those DOD guys just come out swinging! Check out the lyric video below and if you dig it preorder it once the bundle are up on the IndieMerch website.  Stay brutal!

The Machinist release new song “No Peace”, announce new album AND sign to Prosthetic Records!

The Machinist absolutely blew us away with their brutality last month at Casa Di Fransesca’s, and now blow up everyones world with a TRIPLE WHAMMY! The 4 piece has released a new single “No Peace”, have their upcoming album “Confidumus In Morte” out April 12th and are now signed to Prosthetic Records! By the way, the music video is SO NSFW so if you open this at work, just an FYI……the track is really heavy, and it also has some strings in it as well a bit different than what I’ve heard of the band so far in my short time knowing them. Check out the song below and pre-order that new album!

Singularity signs with The Artisan Era

Arizona’s Singularity has officially signed with the Artisan Era.  These guys have been working hard on a new album that will be out in the summer time through their new record label.  Singularity has a polished symphonic technical blackened death metal (enough subgeneres?) sound that will launch you into next year.  The band is a truly unique force in the underground, and The Artisan Era yet again makes another great addition to their growing roster of talent.  I’ve been following this band for a few years, and what I love about the label too is they will listen to their fans.  I remember they asked to recommend some bands or something in a post and Singularity came up somewhere along the way.  Ironically they’re now signed with the same label! Well earned guys! If you aren’t familiar with the band you can check out their latest release below.  They also have a full length before that, so jam those two releases before the new album arrives this summer!





Warforged releases “We’ve Been Here Before”

Artisan Era newcomers Warforged have released a new song today from their upcoming album titled “We’ve Been Here Before”.  It’s a stellar progressive blackened death metal opus packed with so many blast beats, tremelo riffs and amazing vocals it’ll make you preorder this upcoming album in a heartbeat.  I’ve been into this band since their EP, and I totally think this upcoming full length will demolish it.  These guys have grown as artists, and are on a great up and coming record label that will push them.  Check out the album information here.  Enjoy the new blistering Warforged track! Oh, and thank you Artisan Era for your amazing ears for signing quality talent…….you’re perfect.

Trayen Burke releases single “Gravity”

Constructs guitarist Trayen Burke has gone on his own adventure while his mainstay is recording a follow up to their EP “Shapes”.  He has been hinting at working on his own music and this GLORIOUS track dropped, and absolutely love it.  Constructs is an instrumental djent band, inspired by heavier atmospheric layers and melody.  But what I dig about Burke’s sound (based off one song) is it’s a bit more technical, and just as heavy as Constructs…..so it isn’t exactly the same.  Give your ears something different, tasty, heavy and soulful. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like that’s Jared from Rivers Of Nihil on drums? Maybe my eyes are deceiving me? If “Gravity” is a sign of things to come, then wow……we’re in for a treat. If Constructs releases new music this year we will have two great releases from Trayen! Check out the awesome song below and pay attention to both of his projects!

Warforged announce new album “I:Voice” album out May 10th with teaser video

Chicago’s progressive blackened death metal band Warforged announced their debut full length (they have an EP “Essence Of The Land” from 2014).  These guys have been on the road playing all kinds of shows, and been recording their first full length for a while.  In celebration of their accomplishment the band compiled a teaser video with their record label The Artisan Era.

This video was more unique than about every teaser video for an album, because it included quick snippets of guitar playthroughs of every song on the album……maybe they are also going to launch a FULL album playthrough? Either way you slice it, it’s a sweet way of promoting your upcoming album.

What is even wilder is the all star cast of musicians that lent their talents to this record…Dallas Toller Wade (Narcotic Wasteland, Ex-Nile), Christian Munzner (Ex-Obscura, Alkaloid), Dan Garguilo (Revocation, Artificial Brain), Steve Boiser (Tethys, Inferi, Equipoise, Ashen Horde), Kevin Hufnagel (Gorguts, Dysrhythmia), Will Smith (Artificial Brain), Poh Hock (Native Construct), Craig Bruenger (Ahtme) and even MORE GUEST MUSICIANS! I know, it sounded like a terrible middle of the night scam advertisement on TV…..but there really is a laundry list of seasoned musicians on this Warforged album.


This progressive melodic blackened death metal (i THINK i got every genre in there?) is set to release “I:Voice” on May 10th and can be preordered already for you early birds!



To My Dismay release “The Beast Of Bray Road” from upcoming album

To My Dismay dropped “The Beast Of Bray Road” recently at the end of January from their upcoming sophomore album.  They’re a melodic death metal/death metal band from Indiana who reformed two years ago.  They’re kinda proggy, kinda modern….there’s a lot of different vibes you get from this band.  You can check out the debut album below, along with their latest single.  Stay up to date with the band on facebook in regards to their follow up album.  I think it’s gonna be a stellar effort if it’s as good as this single.