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Cave Moth release new single “My Blood”

Adderall-driven deathgrind/mathcore freakazoids Cave Moth are excited to announce the upcoming birth of their deadliest musical weapon to date, Paralytic Love. This chaotic aberration will officially bleed out into existence on Friday, April 14th.

Consisting of eight absurdist hymns dissecting our bleak present and even darker future to come, Paralytic Love revels in both excess and scarcity. Forging a schizophrenic middle ground between intricate musicianship and carefully sculpted minimalism in a run-time sense. Proving that doing more with less can be both worshipped and subverted at the same time. From start to finish, Paralytic Love is genre-smashing fare that draws far and wide from mathcore, grindcore, hardcore, and all sorts of death metal to create a musical soup capable of murdering people who’ve never once used spoons to devour soup with.

Coming from a project that has existed since around the end of the original era of groups that mixed mathcore, grindcore, and death metal into a volatile stew in the early 2000s, Paralytic Love is arriving at exactly the right point in time it should. At a time when this sort of amorphous sound has made a real return, Cave Moth is here for you. Acting as the musical equivalent of a weird paranoid hug from one’s favorite local meth dealer. Don’t skip out on this one unless you’re a real Jabroni.

Fans of Maruta, Knoll, Pyrrhon, early-Ion Dissonance, and See You Next Tuesday will love everything Paralytic Love has to offer.

Cave Moth comments

“Paralytic Love was conceived of as a pandemic project in a span of about 3 and a half weeks. We knew we wanted to write some neo-grind tunes and I personally wanted to keep it straightforward and heavy while not sacrificing that modern dissonant, math-y, and deathgrind influenced sound. We’ve all been pretty involved in east coast hardcore and metal and we all move around the same circles online (especially in the mathcore stuff) so it was a nice and smooth, yet lengthy process.”

About The Band

Conceived in The Google Campus Human Resources Office, Cave Moth is a collective of celestial sovereign citizens that began in the early 2010s in Florida with a focus on pulling influences from everything and nothing, existing as a vacuum that willingly absorbed aggressive music spanning brutal death metal, grindcore, post-hardcore, and screamo; the musical offerings and live performances have developed an uncanny sound with an eclectic barrage of arhythmic and off-time riffs that jolt as much as soothe.

After some sexual experimentation and a couple of military deployments in Afghanistan, noise music and free jazz influences were incorporated. They then soon began dabbling in online videography and performance art collaborations, adding yet another layer of chaos to an oeuvre that borders on what is known as “incestual-metropolitan psychedelia”. An often overlooked aesthetic movement from 1960s Tunisia. The undertaking, in their words, “hopes to offer everything that is intrinsic to art, writing, film, and sound; an adventure into psychologically overwhelming weirdo-perspectives filled with dissonant hardcore and metal, video irony, and genocidal ego death.”

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