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Carnosus- Visions Of Infinihility

Swedish death metal group Carnosus are releasing their album “Visions Of Infinihility” this Friday February 10th and got the privilege to listen to it ahead of release date. It’s not even a debatable fact that Sweden was a hotbed in the 90’s for death metal and still is. “Visions OF Infinihility” draws inspiration of bands of the past while giving it a slightly modern take (crisp production to boot if that’s your thing). Oddly enough as a guitarist that and songwriting draws me into bands, but this time the clarity of the vocals is what turned me onto Carnosus. I love the lowest most incomprehensible vocals for any death metal, but to do it efficiently on a low, middle and high range while understanding lyrics is wildly impressive.

Carnosus relies on speed and tempo changes and do it very well on their 35 minute adventure. The guitar leads are tasteful, melodic and carefully composed. There’s no speed competition and the leads sound absolutely fantastic. The riffs are raw, heavy and filthy as fuck. What more do you need out of death metal? If you’re doing old school or brutal death metal, that 30 minute mark is perfect to where your ears start going AWOL (if you get what I mean). I love the genre, but get to the point unless you’re a prog band. And boy, do they make their statement on this album.

The rhythms are absolutely impeccable and love the speed changes. The drumming is so tight and compact, yet there’s some good fills when certain sections need a little bit more spice. Carnosus is an underappreciated band and are releasing their best effort yet and you need to give your undivided attention to “Visions Of Infinihility”. Ever since I heard the singles I had to check this album out on release day and well I got the chance to check it out early. If you want to hear the singles ahead of release day, check out their bandcamp link below. Preorder some goodies there’s plenty available.

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