Official Malice Divine Guitar Playthrough Premiere Of “Apparitions Of Conquest”

Melodic blackened death metal one man project Malice Divine is premiering their guitar playthrough off “Apparitions Of Conquest” with us today. The album “Everlasating Ascendancy” came out on January 27th.

The album is a dynamic experience while also being an overall more aggressive album than the first one, especially in the vocal delivery. There is still plenty of melody and classical guitar sections, which is a major part of Malice Divine’s sound. The solos on this album are even more virtuosic than before as well. Lyrically the album explores themes such as the paranormal, revenge, determination, spirituality, and reclamation. Two of the eight songs on this album are quite old, even older than most of the music on the self-titled debut album. The music for Silenced Judgement and Illusions Of Fragmentation was written in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

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