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Entheos- Time Will Take Us All

Experimental death metal group Entheos is releasing “Time Will Take Us All” on their new record label Metal Blade on March 3rd. I’ve been obsessed with this band for years and was hyped when they dropped “Remember You Are Dust” and loved that direction. I’m very privileged what I get to do here at TMR and getting to review this band’s upcoming album is an honor for me. I love what I do and can’t put into words how thankful I am for chances like this. They keep improving every release, while trying something new but keeping the core sound. This is the first release where it is just vocalist Chaney and Navene (drums and guitar) with studio bassist Evan Brewer. The duo decided to stay one and have live musicians and Evan play bass on the studio albums. This album features attempts at Chaney singing, which honestly works pretty well. It hits an emotional chord blending her varied growls with singing. The album art is beyond perfect, I think we all can agree on that aspect.

Traditional death metal fans probably won’t vibe with this album, but hey that’s why we all have different tastes and ears. This band has definitely matured songwriting wise since their debut EP “Primal” and are truthfully an exciting band. This will be the band’s third full length and fourth release overall (not counting the 2020 single). The aforementioned reason I love this band is trying new things. The grooves laid down by Navene are great on both drums and guitar especially his leads which are beautiful and don’t take away from any song. They’re melodic, moody and fit the song perfectly not showing off by any means. You know a guitar solo can overtake a song and overshadow everything? Well that doesn’t happen on “Time Will Take Us All”.

Entheos continues to evolve and this album is their best effort and most diverse, until we hear what they do next it could even be cooler. Keep an open mind, and enjoy the ride. Don’t worry, they’re still a heavy death metal band. Oh and the legendary Evan Brewer has some bass solos on this too! They are releasing their most concise effort after being unsigned for a while on a record label housing many great bands.

What more can you say about Entheos? They have been preparing for this day for a while and it’s arriving soon in a few weeks on Friday March 3rd. Trust me, it’s a great album. Can we talk about how great the music videos are we’ve seen since the first single “Absolute Zero” (my favorite song still, as it’s about Chaney’s accident and is a very real song lyrically speaking). “In Purgatory” is a wild ride and “Into The Void” with that oozing goo is quite a concept. Music videos are a thing of the past, right? Well, color me impressed. A lot of time went into them and I think they’re memorable. It’s a 90’s and 00’s thing, but talk about some emotional videos that transpire some energy as well.

Don’t forget to grab tickets to their upcoming tour supporting Whitechapel in the US with Archspire and Signs Of the Swarm. My wife and I did, and are making the trek from Buffalo to Nashville for this one! They’re also hitting up Europe later this year with Benighted, Psycroptic and Archspire. The pending release “Time Will Take Us All” really hones in on their diverse background of influence and I can only hope the rest of the world sees it as I do. I love this album and nobody can change my mind. Thank you for making such a heavy, melodic, breathtaking album with many twists and turns filled with surprises.

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