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Æpoch announces May Canadian tour with Carrion Vael

Æpoch freshly announced 20 minutes ago a May run with Carrion Vael across Canada. The band is fresh off their 2021 blazing EP “Hiraeth” and Carrion Vael put forth their best effort to date last year titled “Abhorrent Obsessions”. This run is also sponsored by Unique Leader Records and is a fun duo you won’t want to miss. We ran our first show in 2019 and helped out another 3 shows locally, and has been great. It’s always been a goal of TMR to be a Jack Of All Trades outside of an online publication, and here is our first tour we’re sponsoring.

There is regional support from Eaten By Sharks and Raider on select shows as well. If you live in the Great White North or close enough like myself in Buffalo, NY go check this shit out! Sadly enough, the closet show is the weekend I’m coming back from Nashville to see the Whitechapel/Entheos/Archspire tour. Someone drink a beer for me at one of these stops! If you like creativity, foreword thinking and brutality mixed in with your death metal this is an ideal show for you to check out. I’ll provide some links to the bands if you have not heard their music yet.

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