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Atoll is our March 2023 Band Of The Month!

Want some disgusting heavy slamming death metal? Atoll packs plenty of heat and is our featured band for March of 2023. Also, they’re hilarious and don’t take themsleves too seriously proven with last year’s EP “Prepuce”. Ever since I knew of them the last handful of years I’ve always felt they’ve flown under the radar for extreme metal. The riffs, rhythms and vocals are absolutely nasty and full of energy. “Zoopocalypse” will always be my favorite release of theirs but that 2022 EP is a close second place for me. Discover a new band here all month long here at TMR with some raw slam in Atoll! Maybe you’ve never heard of the band before, and we’re here to help you with that discovery. Sit back and relax, we’ll give you a different song of theirs daily on our facebook page.

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