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Distention release smashing new single “Blight”

Newly signed Artisan Era band Distention have dropped another single from their upcoming album. Blight is about depression and suicide. It’s a serious problem and unfortunately many of us in this world deal with it. These songs hit hard with me as a person and as a musician since I’ve dealt with it, and also I personally believe the best songs are born from tragedy/problems. The band consists of Darren Liwen (Ex Kennedy Veil, Ex Dismal), Nick Padovani (Equipoise mastermind), Dylan Potts (Last Ten Seconds of Life, Organ Trail, fill in drummer extraordinaire) and Christian Mokin. This song grabbed me with its slower, groovier pace (it gets fast too, don’t worry) and the aforementioned theme as well. The singles go hard and expect the rest of the album to rip just as hard.

I’m really proud of these guys for making damn good death metal (with some nuances sprinkled in there from other sub genres) and being relentless. I can feel the pain in the lyrics throughout this song (as I’m probably on my 60th listen today no lie). Relatable music is good and boy is this good. I’m super excited for this release and this song should definitely convince you. Check out the band and song below.

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