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Cattle Decapitation- Terrasite

Extreme Metal veterans Cattle Decapitation are releasing their highly anticipated album “Terrasite” this Friday May 12th. There isn’t an era I don’t like, but my favorite releases are “Anthropocene Extinction”, “Harvest Floor” and “Monolith Of Inhumanity” with “Death Atlas” knocking on the door.

Yes, Travis is still doing his aggressive singing and still dig it. Just like the music it’s more refined and it using it at the right parts. What do you prefer, a bit more concise or a bit more out there? Thematically the album seems to continue from the previous release “Death Atlas”, but musically is a different animal. Sans the last track (10+ minute epic), the rest are 4-5 minutes long. The last few albums have been similar (to an extent) and trying some new things like a new vocal style in occasional sections. You know what you get with Cattle Decapitation and to me that’s a good thing.

If you’ve been living under a rock, I’m here to help you out. The album artwork got leaked online by someone in Europe, and annoyed the band. This happened between March and April I believe. I understand the frustration, anger and negative emotion from the band in this incident. I believe the track listing was leaked as well, totally ruining it. Bands and artists have specific songs, styles and a way on how they promote an upcoming release. This was totally taken away from the band and eventually put everything up online.

The most divisive part of this stellar output arguably is well…..the art. A lot of people hate it and a lot of people love it. As previously stated it seems like it’s a continuation of the last album “Death Atlas” with the Terrasite surviving the plague. I think the fact its unusual looking and fits the story is really cool. A good month ago I found out something wild that the art is actually a sculpture. YES A SCULPTURE! How cool is that?

The music is everything you expect from the band. Awesome drumming, guitar work, rhythms, speed changes and flawless drum work. It all flows so well and hits hard with the right speed changes. It’s a fantastic album that is carefully crafted by a veteran band still putting out quality music. It’s impressive when older bands churn out solid efforts because extreme metal is not easy to play as its phyiscally demanding.

“Terrasite” is another impressive installment in the Cattle Decapitation library and still think it will be a divisive one (between the artwork and Travis implementing his newer vocal style). I enjoyed it immensely and still love that hideous creature. The music is heavy, dark and relentlessly punishing. It all compliments each other into one fine musical experience.

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