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Ascended Dead- Evenfall Of The Apocalypse

Death metal band Ascended Dead is releasing their sophomore album “Evenfall Of The Apocalypse” May 12th on 20 Buck Spin. Uniting guitarist/vocalist Jon Reider, guitarist Ian Lawrence, bassist Kevin Schreutelkamp, and drummer Charlie Koryn, Ascended Dead plays death metal the ancient way with an intrinsically malign pedigree and methodical cruelty scarcely heard nowadays. Flesh-peeling intensity at warp-speed, technically frenzied leads that cut straight through bone and a relentless annihilating force that rarely ceases long enough to take a breath. Yet amidst this fiery conflagration a wholly deliberate and fanatical attention to detail and craft remain undeniable, allowing the pandemonium a distinct structure and memorability. “Evenfall Of The Apocalypse” is that ferocious old school album in 2023 you should check out.

 Ascended Dead has also announced the first tour supporting “Evenfall Of The Apocalypse“. The West Coast Apocalypse 2023 tour will see the band hitting nine cities in Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia from June 2nd through June 11th alongside Ireland’s Corscradh. See the confirmed routing below and stand by for additional tour dates to post shortly.

ASCENDED DEAD West Coast Apocalypse 2023 w/ Corscradh:

6/02/2023 The Nile Underground – Mesa, AZ

6/03/2023 Til Two – San Diego, CA

6/04/2023 Knucklehead – Los Angeles, CA

6/05/2023 Cafe Colonial – Sacramento, CA

6/06/2023 Thee Stork Club – Oakland, CA

6/08/2023 John Henry’s – Eugene, OR

6/09/2023 Dante’s – Portland, OR

6/10/2023 Central Saloon – Seattle, WA

6/11/2023 The Wise Hall – Vancouver, BC

The vocals are diverse with some higher shrieks and lower growls as well. It’s a fast, heavy, sludgy and nasty trip down death metal lane. It’s a nice little tribute to older bands from 30 years ago but puttering their own unique spin on it. It is right at the 40 minute sweet spot for 11 tracks, not taking more time than it needs to get it’s point across. It’s just death metal with no other subgenres mixed in, unless there’s a doom influence (some of those albums can be lengthy). “Evenfall Of The Apocalypse” is a well written death metal album in the new age and is a diamond in the rough. Don’t sleep on this album as it’s out tomorrow on one of my favorite labels (and one of the best in the game) 20 Buck Spin!

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