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Nightmarer- Deformity Adrift

Nightmarer is releasing their second full length “Deformity Adrift” Friday May 5th under their record label Total Dissonace Worship. I’ve been into this band and been keeping tabs on them for years. They recently added Keith Merrow to their lineup who’s a fantastic guitarist. They released an EP “Monolith Of Corrosion” in 2021 and have been hammering away at this release and are giving us an absolute treat. It’s heavy, chaotic, nasty, sludgy, extra dissonant and absolutely batshit crazy. It’s their finest hour yet and well I’m impressed. The debut was a good offering from 2018 titled “Cacophony Of Terror” with that EP in 2021 and now this I think Nightmarer is really hitting their stride. There’s some nice, thick guitar riffs and loads of creepy dissonance on this 32 minute 9 track effort.

The vocals are menacing, painful and punishing. There are a couple different tones and styles so it’s not repetitive which is a good thing. The rhythms are solid too and really enhances the grooves the band achieves successfully. Nightmarer brings a really unique style of death metal and really digging slower paced stuff recently (not everything always has to be 300 BPM!).

“Deformity Adrift” is a captivating release in a pretty good year (so far) for dissonant death metal. With the likes of Anachronism, Mithridatum and Ignominy this Nightmarer album is definitely right up there with it. Circling back around with the album length it’s pretty appropriate in this age where attention spans are shortened. It’s not a bad thing to listen to the album again to listen for stuff you may not have caught the first time. The production definitely helped bring out the nuances on this release.

Overall it’s a pretty good release on every aspect. Is it Gorguts or Ulcerate? Those are some of the best bands in the genre without a doubt. I hate comparing bands but this album stands well on its own without a label. It invokes everything that is death metal and packs a hefty punch. Don’t sleep on this release and check it out when it releases in full this Friday. Two songs are there for your listening pleasure to check out. Trust me this album flows well, sounds well and is just that good.

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