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Osmed- Territory Of Warfare

Indonesian brutal death metal band Osmed released this nasty album “Territory Of Warfare” last year.  I’m late to the party again…….but that happens to the best of us right? Well, it’s no secret Indonesia is a hotspot for extreme metal of all varieties.  It’s pretty obvious I love that scene, and gladly took the lead when I was tipped onto this band.  Make fun of their subpar english, looks, or whatever you have because they’re not in North America or a reputable area where lots of heavy metal is made……it’s bound to happen.  But once you listen to this music, you sure as heck won’t be laughing.  Osmed’s nasty sound, prominently by their wild vocalist and even crazier drummer grabbed my attention right away.  The guitar riffs are groovy and meaty as can be…..holy crap.


Osmed just absolutely crushes it on “Territory Of Warfare”.  Another great thing to point out is the good production.  Lots of brutal albums get the super high pitched snare drum on the kit, and some slightly “garage” sounds.  The production is pretty nice on this record, and because of that I’m on my second spin already of this modern day brutal anthem.  The snare pops nicely, and isn’t too high to where it’s just unlistenable…..basically, the snare is perfect.  I think it has to be if there’s so many damn blast beats it’s one of the key components to brutal death metal.

You know how many good brutal death metal albums are gone by the wayside because of god awful snares? Way, way too many if you ask me.  Lars Ulrich knows how crappy a snare drum can sound, aye? Listen to this devistating, sludgy and brutal death metal opus below.  I guarantee you’ll like SOMETHING about it.  It’s just too nasty to not enjoy if you’re a death metal nut like myself.

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