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The Odious Construct release “They Came Through The Mirrors” guitar and bass playthrough

I think The Odious Construct have officially done a playthrough of some sorts for every song off their latest EP “Shrine Of The Obscene”.  The guys released a strings play through (no drums this time!) of the track “They Came Through The Mirors”.  What else can be said about these freaks of nature? Their riffs are tasty, the speed is quick but also slow it down sometimes for some sweet grooves.  Their EP really upped their compositional talent to another world, and expect even greater things on the full length they’re currently working on. That is something you’ll definitely want to keep[ tabs on. Check out this sweet playing below and don’t forget to pay attention to the pending Odious Construct release.

Oh and this is our 400th article!  Thank you to everyone for supporting our adventure!  Great things are in the works and couldn’t do it without you folks!

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