Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 4-18-19

Hello! We are back with another edition of your favorite (or not so favorite) weekly column! Check out all of these bands today, and don’t forget to listen to bands from previous editions as well!


The Oklahoma progressive death metal trio released my favorite EP of 2018 “Binge/Purge”.  Their collective minds have created one of the most original death metal offerings of recent memory with flute, piano, ukulele and marimba blended into their huge two song effort.  They have dramatically enhanced their sound with every release, and their latest may have been their most expansive and unique so far.  I’m sure their next adventure will be as wacky.  Check out “Binge/Purge” below to hear for yourselves.



This instrumental progressive project is a mind blowing and unique musical experience to be had by anyone with an open mind.  This band mixes prog, metal and experimental vibes in a whirlwind of an adventure.  There’s also saxophone mixed in with their super cool sound, something you don’t hear a ton of these days.  EOD stands out greatly in a genre that can get occasionally stale, and their ideas are fresh.  Recently signed to Season Of Mist Records, one can assume there’s fresh material on it’s way at one point.  Check out the duo’s latest offering “Nevermore” below and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


Buffalo’s melodic death metal masters released a great album in 2016 “Explusion From Paradise”.  The band went on tour the following year to support it (outside of Buffalo as well) and reached stellar levels of success since its inception.  The band went into hiatus for a while around last year. Founder Brian Platter surgically restructured his band all while writing new material.  TLR is making its comeback with its new lineup officially on June 8th at Mohawk Place if you’re interested in checking it out.  Check out that album “Explusion From Paradise” below and don’t forget to check out the band’s comeback show!


Jazz guitarist Zakk Jones blends a great classic and modern sound into his music.  He is currently recording for an album involving his trio.  Last time we talked they were in the mixing and mastering phase, so it’s safe to assume we could have an album this year. Zakk’s guitar playing is so clean and also subtle at times.  It’s a really cool project, and if you’re into jazz it’ll hold true with you.  Check out a few of his tracks below!





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