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Protosequence release new track “A Blunt Description Of Something Obscene”

I’ve been following the Protosequence guys for a bit now, and today they released an epic track proving the maturation in their songwriting.  “A Blunt Description Of Something Obscene” was released this past Friday.  Their guitar work is great, and so are their slamming rhythms.  The vocals have always been great, but this time around they really stepped up their songwriting.  The different speeds, grooves and varied vocals really did a great number in this new song. They have a great nod to the genre, but modernize it a bit in their own unique way.  Protosequence is even more chaotic than they were before, and another great technical death metal band out of CANADA.  Whatever is in the water in the great white north, I salute you guys.  Check out this wildly fascinating song below and tell me you’re in love with it…..please.  Their upcoming EP is due out later this year between the summer and fall, so keep your eyes peeled people!

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