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Fetal Bleeding- The Quest Of Immortality

Brutal death metal band Fetal Bleeding released this banger of an album “The Quest Of Immortality” over the winter.  If you like a bit of technical precision with your brutality, these freaks will be right up your ally.  They introduce a slightly modern sound but with a nice influence of some classic death metal bands as well.  This album features rhythmic precision of a great extreme band like Decapitated and the heaviness of Malignancy, Disgorge or Disentomb.  That is in no shape of form an overreaction, these guys are the real deal.  Once again, my Indonesians come through with another great extreme metal band! I’m telling you folks….open up your mind and ears to countries you wouldn’t expect to produce music!




Yogga Beges – Vocals
Lank – Guitar/Bass
Wawan – Drums

The vocals are absolutely killer and flat out disgusting.  There’s so many great rhythms it’ll legitimately put you in a trance.  Their drummer is a legitimate machine.  His fills and consistency on the kit is insane to say the least.  Their name is well… eye catcher. Maybe they chose it for the shock factor, like Dying Fetus did? Their talent truly stands up for them, and it shows.  I totally suggest giving this great album a listen for all you brutal fans.  There’s some sweet guitar riffs, guitar leads here and there and well lots of nasty disgusting death metal.  Enjoy the album! Check out “The Quest Of Immortality” below!

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