Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 4-25-19

Hello people of the world! We hope you enjoy this week’s edition of “Try Something New Thursday”! Before you read on, check out our past editions here.  You may find a band you enjoy!


These guys are one of my favorite signings to The Artisan Era record label lately.  In a great coincidence, the band released one of my favorite EP’S from last year  titled “Shrine Of The Obscene”.  This technical melodic death metal group brings the best of everything…great rhythms and riffs from the string players, awesome drumming from KC Brand and stellar vocals.  Along with some great guitar leads the tracks are borderline perfect in 2018’s offering, with some great synths and what sounds like even some harpsichord as well.  They took a huge songwriting chance in comparison to their straightforward and heavy debut EP, and are pleasantly chopping away at their first full length as we type.  While the guys work on that monster, listen to “Shrine Of The Obscene”.



Washington’s Instrumental progressive metal titans Odyssey are releasing a new album soon.  They’re a bit different from your average instrumental band which is a great thing in this case.  Odyssey is more focused on songwriting and every section in their song, rather than showing off and creating the wildest and most technical sections.  They imply a lot of great rhythms and melodies you’ll keep in your head for days.  They recently released “The Swarm” which you can listen to by clicking that link.  You can also listen to the 2016 album “Voids” below, before we get that new album from the guys.


As far as death metal in Buffalo goes….it’s a rarity.  A band I’ve been keeping an eye on Debrained has been slowly rising in the ranks (not that there’s a lot of death metal in my city).  These guys bring a no nonsense, straightforward heavy death metal attitude that keeps going and going.  Debrained just released their EP last week and you can check it out below.  If you like classic death metal, you’ll be into these guys.  One of our few death metal bands forced their way into this week’s article, and if you really dig the EP buy the CD and accompanying t-shirt.  Support the small bands yo!


Technical death metal newcomers Coexistence dropped a wild two song demo today, and you can check it out today! The band has released two stellar outputs before this surprise today 2016’s single “Ultimatum” and 2018’s EP “Contact With The Entity”.  The fretless bass in this band is amazing, and if you dig that sound in your tech death you’ll be into the Italian tech monsters. They are working on a full length album as I type this out. These guys are really good, and they can prove it to you with their super fresh music that just came out of the oven.  Check it out! Cheers!

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