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The Odious Construct- Shrine Of The Obscene


Melodic Tech Death Quintet The Odious Construct is releasing their second EP “Shrine Of The Obscene” October 12th through The Artisan Era.  What drew me to the band initially was their great drumming, guitar work and vocals.  It was an instant click for me with their self titled debut EP.  What is different this time around for the Californians is a wider and deeper sound, with more darkness and melody as well.  Lots of symphonic elements and synthesizer tracks enhance their wild journeys. Dare to say there are some blackened sections that remind you of European greats Wintersun at some points. I think the band really, really morphed together on this upcoming EP it’s extremely interesting.  They don’t necessarily overdo it and the band writes great songs.  They can hold a great groove, while organizing some cool sections.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say “Shrine Of The Obscene” is one of if not the best EP’S of this year as good as that recent Mordant Rapture release over the summer.  The Artisan Era is proving its value and talent signing some great bands to its diverse tech & prog filled roster, and not just signing bands to organize a label.  You can clearly see their vision and the Odious Construct is another great example of their recent success.  Their rhythms are great and rather intoxicating, to say the least.  I think their songwriting improved this time around as well with deeper subjects such as psychological problems rather than the usual death metal jargon.

You can grab preorders at the links below for this bad boy.  Don’t forget this and mark it on your calendars!  Also: you can get a look into The Odious Construct, their creative process, the upcoming EP and more with my recent interview with them right here.  I enjoyed this impressive and strong sophomore release and hope the rest of the metal world does as well!

Shrine of the Obscene:
1. Vortex of Self
2. Descension
3. They Came Through the Mirrors
4. Cyanide Eyes
5. Shrine Of the Obscene

The Odious Construct:

Casey Ryle – Vocals
Wesley Yee – Guitar
Ben Jackson – Guitar
Sam Datu – Bass
KC Brand – Drums (The Ritual Aura)

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