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The Zenith Passage- Datalysium

The Zenith Passage is finally releasing their long awaited album next Friday July 21st “Datalysium” on their new record label Metal Blade Records. There was a rumored second album recorded alongside said album, that I’m equally as excited to hear. For now, we have another stellar output from the boys in TZP. It’s everything you asked for, and then some. Their debut EP “Cosmic Dissonance” might be my favorite EP of all time and is quite the release. “Solipsist” was their first full length all the way back in 2016 and was just as furious and insane as the EP. Years went by and in 2023 we are getting this beautiful music.

Technical death metal has soured on me but one of the best bands has done it yet again. You have even more melody, lots of brain melting guitar riffs, elegance and some really good rhythmic grooves. Before you freak out, yes there is some occasional singing but man it fits those specific parts perfectly! You have a great guitar/vocal combination in Justin Mckinney (bringing his tight riffs and beautiful solos) and Derek Rydquist’s amazing voice. “Datalysium” is most definitely THE tech death album for 2023 without a doubt. This highly anticipated album is bound to please many audiences in the metal community.

The drums and bass are absolutely stellar on this album. There’s a lot going on and a good rhythm section makes a band this intense feel effortless. The production is also well done and was done in a few different locations interestingly enough. Part of it was recorded at Mckinney’s studio, Rydquist’s apartment and at Dave Otero’s Flatline Audio Studio.

The band elaborates:

“There’s always been things that were subtly done on previous releases, like jazz fusion passages, dissonant black metal, synth, and orchestral elements, as well as singing. What we haven’t done before is put those influences and ideas more upfront in the songwriting and production. Singing has become a pretty prominent part of some of these songs, as well as synth orchestration and really eerie, dissonant, pissed off black metal influence. We’re doing all of this while attempting to tell a harmonic and lyrical story that keeps the listener engaged and wondering what could happen next.”

“Datalysium” is a wild album that is dense to the point you need a few listens to digest it. It gets better every listen and I find myself wanting more of it every time. It has some peaceful moments, believe it or not. Combined with their usual futuristic themes on their releases, you have one of the better tech death albums of the last decade. They have always been a tight, polished band musically speaking. This is an algorithm you want to be a part of, and The Zenith Passage is inviting you to join it.

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